Friday Morning

December 15, 2006  |  Uncategorized

I’ve been waking up early for the past few days and its annoying me because I cherish my sleep and also because I’ve been having major trouble sleeping, I turn in for the night and spend an hour close to two hours trying to sleep and even then I can’t fall asleep. So last night even though I went to bed at 4AM I didn’t sleep until 5:30AM! And I woke up this morning at 9:30AM in order to dress and get ready to go out.

I had breakfast at Grandma’s new Place, same as last time, it’s funny how much work they got done now the outer face of the house is started to look smooth, and cleaner but they are still working inside, and they are putting in the wiring and stuff. But this time breakfast wasn’t that plentiful and this time I grabbed YBF and Sister 4 with me but 20 minutes after we arrived Lilo calls me and tells me that my “Focus has been stolen” and I respond to her saying that “I am out of the house” and she basically berates me for leaving her home and I decide to go pick her up. I do that and I grab some Fatayer and head back. Auntie, her husband and two boys Tooonz and Iss were there, and one Uncle, and then my older Uncle comes with his daughter and Grandma. Anyways I go bring Lilo back and we end up spending the rest of the day there, we left at 1PM, but earlier before that it was only Oldest Uncle, his daughter, grandma, and my sister and I who went down to the beach to walk on it basically. And we decided (Grandma and I) that next week since Fee is back we’ll be having breakfast on the beach, on a beach towel instead of in the house hehe.

It was fun and a nice way to wind down. And I thought I would include some pictures here. Check them all out on my Flickr though.


The view.

Lay and Luj.jpg

The girls, Lilo and Lay.


Lilo my baby.

And that was my day in a nutshell or rather my morning. Father left this morning and Fee is coming back in a few days and that’s great. Can’t wait!

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  1. I love that beach. I hope your grandmother loves her new place.

  2. Is that the same kid that ate the burgerS?

  3. Lovely photos! Ana 3ayza arou7 el ba7r bardo!

  4. awwwwwwwwww Lilo 7beeeeeeeeeeebty! great beach :)

  5. isnt it a bit too cold for a beach towel though? :P

  6. purg i dont like you ;), i never did :) hehehe

    anyways, it was a great day and how’d sis no4 get into that background pic….i cant wait till sis 2 comes home…………..i missed her soooooo much.

    dont post any of the pics where we are included, no babes i’m too hott for the blogworld *yeah rite* :)

  7. Is this number 4 attacking? hmmmmmmm

  8. YBF, shako! I did not say anything about you??

  9. i’m number 3 YBF attacking ;)

    answer is purg, becuz i love you :P hehehe

  10. Intlxpatr, I know ehehehe and she will once its done and she gets to move in, hell she already has plans to have breakfast on the beach every morning I’m over hehe :P It’ll be so much fun really hehe.

    Purgatory, yes thats Lilo the famous Fudds face ;P

    Sou, Thanks and no you won’t go to beach or I kill you ;P

    Ananyah, Yes ehhehe its quiet too!

    Laialy, Thanks ehhehe

    Dodo, I don’t think so hehe :P It was nice weather!

    YBF, Bite me, oh and if you didn’t read that well enough BITE ME AGAIN! and if you still didn’t see it! BITE MEEEEE!

    Marzouq, no it’s #3 but you see #4’s feet in the background of the last picture :P

    Purgatory, She’s paranoid.

    YBF, Again BITE ME!

  11. specify the location and i’ll bite ;P

    *btw it must be something i ate thats gotten me this hyper, i need to seriously chill*


  12. YBF or #3 I recommend Vicodine.. you be chillin after one of those! I dont know if you would be able to stand either!

  13. YBF, you are just confusing :P

  14. I wanna kidnap Lilo and take her to Fudds

  15. *just cuz im high from being deprived of sleep…here goes*

    Side effects for Vicodin include an allergic reaction, weak breathing, seizures, clammy skin, severe weakness, dizziness, unconsciousness, yellowing of eyes or skin, unusual fatigue, bleeding, or bruising, constipation, dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, decreased appetite, muscle twitches, sweating, itching, tinnitus, hearing loss, decreased urination,

    you wish all this harm on me, :)

    i’ve commented one too many, i shall stop now :*

    sorry jaxx

  16. i heart lilo hehehehe 7adha cuta! and yay ur grandma’s house is like less than 5 mins away min baitna

  17. really nice pics

    juuj is getting a hang of this photography thing
    makes all the hours i spent “choosing” her camera worthwhile :P

  18. I lost track after the sisters were assigned numbers; so who is having burgers?

  19. amazing shore and incrtedibly cute kids :) do they even know their pics r all over the blogosphere :P

  20. YBF, Seriously bite moi :/

    Marzouq, So now you’re offering to sell drugs to my younger sisters :P Sweet.. you might just turn out to be my hero! :P

    Ananyah, she should do Fudds commercials LOL! Hell any food company’s commercials!

    YBF, Yes Stop! In the name of love, wops wrong message! :S

    Princess, LOL! Hehehe I heart you and yes it is ;) Hehehe now I have no excuse not to come and pop by ;P

    Yazeed, Thanks hehehe and well these were taken by the N90 hehehe so it’s not really a photography thing LOL! And YOU CHOSE IT? HAH!

    K, next post will explain the numbers :P

    Fonzy, LOL! Hehehe not really no they don’t but then again they are kids they’ll just have to live with it hehe they should be thankful I didn’t post nude pics of them LOL!