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The definition of the word surprise is mainly as follows: “an unexpected or astonishing event.” Right, but someone doesn’t seem to know how to keep that intact hehe ;P Nah just kidding. Anyways today was a hectic day, I was driving all over the place and that’s what broke me down. But to summarize what I did this morning which was annoying to me is as follows. I was woken up at 9:30 after 4.5hrs of sleep by Sister #3(YBF) so that I can drop her off at school for her test, and so I grumpily stumble out of bed and head on to wash and dress and do my hair, then I take her to school, after that I probably reached Hawally around 11-ish and I decided I wanted some Fatayer breakfast and so I picked up a Cheese Fatayer and went to Grandma’s to eat it. I had to wait out until 12:45 then left again to pick up Lilo at 1 from school. Then I go back to Grandma’s house to wait up for the rest of the batch to come out, at the time I ate some spaghetti and meatballs with Iss and Toonz. Iss and Toonz are naughty boys but back to my story. I then leave and pick up the girls, and girls aren’t going to come with me and Lilo to the airport coz Uncle doesn’t want more than 2 of us to be there and they had to study for exams anyways. So, I drop them off at home, and spend only 15-30 minutes waiting until Lilo changed clothes and out I went again. I arrived at Grandma’s house at around 4, and Fee’s plane comes in at 5:25 so I wait for uncle while eating some Kanafa and singing to another Uncle who’s birthday was today. Uncle comes in has lunch and Iss and Toonz attempt to choke me. We leave and we go pick up Fee from Airport. Then We go back to Grandma’s and spend an hour there, then I take sis to Auntie’s house to actually surprise her. Then it’s back to HOME!

That in short was my day. Bits and pieces about it are that Iss has grown up and become a naughty devil, naughtier than Toonz and I just can’t believe it anymore. Toonz jumped on my back and Iss decided to copy him and jumped on my front. And both were trying to choke me until Grandma yelled at them and said don’t kill my first grandchild. Another bit is that today is Uncle’s birthday and well since we didnt have any cake at the time grandma carved the top of an Apple and stuck a candle and we sang to him Happy Birthday to that. It was fun. Another bit? Daddy is supposed to come in on Wednesday and well apparently he finished everything and was planning on “surprising” us by coming back tonight. Sad thing is, mom knew last night, Lilo knew last night, Fee knew last night, Uncle found out when I called Daddy in the airport and he talked to him and he asked me to keep it a secret but we discovered that Fee already knows, and Grandma I believe knew but I forget. So that’s the surprise, I got two family members back and now WE ARE A FAMILY AGAIN!

That’s it. I am spacing out. I love Las Vegas. I am watching Season 1 and I just love it. And I am debating again on what to get as a new mobile, and instead of the N80 I’m thinking of N73. But Uncle is suggesting the D&G Moto Razr V3i.

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  1. ur mad when it comes to gadgets! I’m still waiting it out for N95 *drool*

    I demand your fatayer oohh yes ma’am!

    Anyhooo appy bathday uncle shame on u guys for not dying a cake :P

    Ur glad fee fee is back ha :P

  2. how random can a post get? :P i was gonna say something but then i got totally lost hehehehhehe :”>

  3. Jaggie
    that was soooooooooooo loooooooooong
    i can’t believe i read that all at once
    garraat 3ynkom ^_^

  4. Garat 3ainich, get anythin but Nokia and btw where’s that mockument about Star Academy you told me about?

  5. Garat 3ainich!! Seemed like a day of bouncing aroudn!


    Get a Sony Ericsson if you have to!

  6. sony ericsson!!! :) u need to get a driver and u need a break! damn that is one long day!

  7. Everytime you wrote toonz I thought it was me. It was fun imagining choking you.

    ..back to work..

    le sigh.

  8. They abuse you, let them get a driver for those kids. If they can afford buying yuo stuff, they can afford a driver.

  9. go for the N73, it’s so cool.

    And hamdillah 3ala salamathom.

  10. Ananyah, LOL! I can’t wait for the N95 and well rationally speaking, what would I need with a 5MP cam? or even a portable GPS Navigator. But then again by then I can probably get it for myself if I wanted to ;) So I won’t rule that out LOL! Hehehe and you can have my Fatayer if you want hehehe LOL! Yes I am glad!

    Dodo, Yes it can get even randomer, believe me trying walking through my head.

    Laialy, LOL! I know but then again you did read it hehehe and eb waih nabeyech!

    Coolfreak, LOL! Eb waih nabyek but I’m a Nokia girl and the mockument about StarAc will be posted I guess unless you prefer I email it LOL! I won’t edit anything on it btw LOL! So you’ll see my exact thoughts in it. I’m emailing it LOL!

    Marzouq, Eb waih nabyek yes and I was tired from the bouncing! Although its hot I probably will end up with the N73 hehe I am such a nokia girl!

    Chikapappi, Why?

    Fonzy, LOL! I can’t function in Sony Ericsson and yes we do need a driver but then again there is one that’s being trained right now for Grandma which she’ll share with us hehe and yes it was!

    Toomz, LOL! HOE! I hate you! :( But tehn again I still love you hehehe and no toonz is not you, are you a light brown, blue-green eyed boy?!

    Purg, They’re getting one but when it’s too late for me to enjoy anything LOL! Hehehe

    Pearls, Thanks dear hehe I know it looks cool hehe might as well switch back to candy bar phones ;P o Alla esalmech!

  11. once u get used to sony ericsson there is no way u will switch.

    speed up with the driver training. how long could that take! :)

  12. Fonzy, I can’t stand Sony Ericsson the display menu and stuff isn’t what I love :( And yeah we are.