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I have been having trouble with my Web Hosting company in which I get a Bandwidth issue every month and therefore I had decided to sign up with another company, DreamHost. Their basic package gives me 200GB of Web space and 2TB of Bandwidth Every month and each increase from month to month. So overall I’m getting a better deal than my current hosting package which offers me 15GB of Web space and 20GB of Bandwidth per month. But that’s not the question, I have decided that I want to cut ties with the Duckie and so I want to change to something more sophisticated and so I have come up with these domain names. I already purchased one but I’d like to know what you guys think of the choices. And hell I can always get another, since the new package allows me to host unlimited domains on it unlike my previous one. So here goes, answer the poll please.


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  1. undecisive is hot coz u are :P

  2. Since tushie is not in any of them as I suggested, I selected another one I agree with.

  3. change not good
    when i think rubduckie, i thnk jacqui
    change not good

  4. i agree with yazeed!! i love the duckie!!!

  5. I would rather you keep the duckie, but and I reapeat but if I had to choose one of the above, it would be

  6. Me too I agree with all of the above, bring back duckie.

  7. is what me goes for LOL, btw you could use the code at my blog and have a 98$ off..

  8. moey, she did get $98 off :P

    she already bought scarletlights hahahaha

    I like the duckie, but she’s got a light fetish now :P

  9. she doesn’t have a fetish, she is just confused.

  10. HELL YEAH!



  12. i second yaz and all the others bas im glad my second choice got the highest vote :|

  13. Nani, LOL! Hehehe Undecisive worked because I am undecisive when it comes to everything LOL!

    Purg, Which one was it?

    Yazeed, Change is good and come on Rubduckie is now over it’s a chapter that I have closed in my life.

    Princess, But the duckie is bad, the duckie is evul!

    Shopa, Hehehe Reminiscent of Red Lights District LOL! Hehehe but great choice ehehehe I wanted someone to support me with it hehe

    Don Veto, No no ducks are evul!

    Moey, I got the 97$ off discount and not the 98$ one hehe and thats a nice choice :P

    Nani, LOL! The duckie hasn’t been good to me anymore! Plus I’ve got like a thousand ducks in my room it looks like a Duck Pond!

    Purg, I am sexually confused? Wait what?! No I don’t have fetishes nor am I confused!

    Blasha, But I want to!

    Marzouq, LOL! You want it because you suggested it!


    Dodo, LOL! What was your first choice?

  14. 3nad i will buy all of the choices
    so u would get none of them
    oo keep this one!

  15. Me and yazeed just went half on all the domains on your list .. you need to pick another five.

  16. u know redlights is a prostitute area in amsterdam so forget that.

    i wouldnt choose any, but if i had to, i would go undecisive cos u got 5 up there and are confused. And if u choose any, u will be stuck to red and cant change. But if its red u want, how about i checked, it doesnt exist. simple and catchy

  17. hey babes long time!
    anyways i like ducki more u
    and unique …
    the other options seemed kinda typical
    and dull.
    keep the duck :*

  18. Ananyah, LOL! Why Oh Mama?!

    Yazeed, Tough Luck :P

    K, LOL! Yeah right I got two of them that are on my list :P

    Fonzy, LOL Hehehe in the end I chose a few ;p

    No3ik, But Duckie is a younger me! And well we’ll see :P