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January 5, 2007  |  Uncategorized

Last night I mentioned that today was a day I would spend with my family mostly, as in breakfast at Grandma’s and then lunch at Auntie’s but sad thing is that the breakfast was canceled and instead I had only lunch at Auntie’s to look forward to. And boy was it fun! I cannot even begin to describe the fun we had. The BBQ-ing, sitting around with Toonz and Iss, Auntie and her husband, Grandma, other Uncle, and my sisters. It was great! I kept thinking that I should probably write and describe this event but I thought pictures would do a better job so here goes, pictures from today’s BBQ.


Upon arrival, Auntie’s Husband was already BBQ-ing and so we joined him for a bit on the balcony and enjoyed the scene and the weather.

BBQ Equip.jpg

Here is a shot of the entire equipment.

BBQ Equip.jpg

Here are some of the BBQ Ribs sitting in their sauce waiting to be put on the grill.

BBQ Ribs.jpg

And here are the ones that are already done. With a shot of my finger almost there, that’s Damien’s way of being naughty (my Camera).


These however were the steaks also waiting to be BBQ-ed.

Last Shrimp Standing.jpg

That was not all that was barbequed, we also had jumbo shrimps, that’s the last one left since he BBQ-ed them when I went to sit with the kids, he heard the story where I used to eat each and everyone that my Aunt used to make, the ones she put on the plate.

Tom Jerry TV.jpg

I took a break from standing out on the balcony and went inside to see the kids who were watching Tom & Jerry on TV.


I passed by the dining area and saw the table ready set, but it was hard trying to eat with forks and knives when it was deliciously cooked.

Fire Fire.jpg

I went back outside to witness the flames cooking our food.

Yummy Shrimps.jpg

I finally went back inside and took a peak at the shrimp that were done and stayed there a while until everyone came back in and we began to eat. It was fun and delicious! But that’s about all the pictures I have. I would never miss out a meal to take more pictures hehe.

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  1. hmm im not a barbeque person, too much meat y’3ithny but the shrimp does look yummy

    yallah 3alaich bil3afyah ma6ra7 ma yisry yimry :P


  3. A week ago we were doing the same exact thing!! AND the kids were watching Tom and Jerry! Wow, talk about deja vu! hehehe

  4. Yaaaaaahhhhhhhh!! Lucky lucky. :P~~~

  5. :: Yummy !!! Ohhhh is that Jerry? :P bel3afya :>

  6. Dodo, how can you not be a bbq person everyone loves BBQs! Hehehe and Alla E3afech :P

    Purgatory, YES FOOOOOOOD!

    Sou, Hehehe but it wasn’t only Tom & Jerry they were watching later on it was Balamory hehe which is Iss’s favorite! Hehehe

    Macaholic, Bowahahahaha Nanananabobobo :P

    Frankom, Yes that’s jerry and the food was delicious!

    Flamingoliya, Hehehe thanks dear :P

  7. I’m hungry now!!