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I miss my baby girl so damn much it’s unbelievable! I thank God that I can reach her through SMS-es and that I can call her otherwise I would miss her more. Who am I talking about? Mimi (a.k.a. Ananyah) And to remind you of who she is, here is her latest picture ;P


I also miss the twirlies and our late night twirlie chats, I miss other aspects of my old life hehe my staying up till morning and sleeping till afternoon. I miss having alot of time to just sit and browse and comment on blogs, now it’s hard to even follow blogs day to day when I don’t spend much time at home! I miss seeing Grandma every single day of the week and hanging out with her, hell I miss the boys Iss and Toonz, I only get to see them on Thursdays now! I miss having time to sit and watch TV, I thank God that I finished Las Vegas Seasons 1-4 (up until the latest episode) since I would never have been able to watch it that much!

I went out shopping this afternoon! I went to Souq Sharq with Mommy and Daddy, I got Mother a Birthday present and then I went in to Mango where I saw their SALE! And I went nuts! I bought 6 Suits + 1 Jacket (outer wear) and I came to pay but Daddy decided to treat me this time and he ended up footing the bill. It was nice now I got some cool clothes to wear for the next 3 weeks, since I want to wear 2 Suits a week and the other 2 days I’ll just put a casual outfit together. Hot ain’t it?

The weekend is over, where did it go?

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  1. oh my word shes GORGEOUS!!

    i miss our mass chats too :( 7ta on a friday ma lich 5ilgna afa bas afa :(

  2. welcome to the working world, sleep wakeup work go home sleep and plenty of coffee in between.

  3. i miss u tooooo… and great deal on those suits ;)

    and i miss Mimi too… and i also miss The Drew Carey Show…

  4. Yeah, miss the random chats!

    I love Mimi’s new makeover! lol

    I bet anything you’re watching SA right now :p hehehe

  5. Sleep… what sleep… i dont sleep.. no concept of it!

    Enjoy some of the rest your getting! At least your going home and work isn’t calling you! Yala inshalla you will find your rithym!

  6. i know what you mean about shopping, i have been stocking up on all these suits …

  7. awwwwwwwwwww i miss u like fucking crazy too!

    been busy moving
    with my mom

    grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr but but but next weekend things will be back to normal :D

  8. Dodo, See its not only me missing her :(

    Don Veto, Such an annoying world!

    Swair, Thanks yeah and I miss our mass chats as well!

    Sou, are you psychic? Hehehe just kidding of course you knew I would be doing that!

    Zouk, But Sleep is very important to me! I can’t function without it!

    Yazeed, Bite My tush! :P

    Laialy, Hehehehehe they are cool and fun!

    Ananyah, :*** I hope everything will be great next week!