Closing RubDuckie

January 14, 2007  |  Uncategorized

I am getting sick of my current web hoster and based on the latest letter I have decided to put a stop to this monstrosity. I have already purchased 2 domains, you can redirect yourself to my feeds site on and you can later on find Rubduckie in its new home on Don’t ask why I have two but I want them and like them! Hehehe. I will be spending these next few days backing up everything and getting it ready to move to the new home. I need to however fix something in the database and I hope I will be able to do that. By doing that it will render this site unusable though and that won’t be a problem with me anymore. For the record, I hate my Host!

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  1. Aww, well good riddance! Your host was killing you aslan!

    Yalla, can’t wait till Couch Avenue is up :)

  2. yay!
    this the point where u have to sing “i like to move it move it” :p

  3. “Your moving on uupp…” Goodluck!! :)

  4. okay Holy poop!! its Been a long time since i commented i admit!!!! its like omg!! .. but i have my reasons! =( ..

    Cant Wait

  5. Cut Problems!! =\ .. im having that problem with ananyah too !! xD

  6. I will be waiting for the update! Lets see how it looks then!

  7. what are currently using?

  8. Goof Luck!

    hmmm.. that’s odd.


    Yepp, that sounds acurate. :P

  9. a9lan from the day u should me ur host’s homepage, ana ghasil eedy minhom :P

  10. Sou, Thanks and yeah they were butchering me not just killing me! And I am glad that the Couch is up and running!

    Judy, It is now!

    Stallion, Thanks dear

    Swair, Nooo I don’t think so :s

    Howahkan, Yes I am hehe moving up the food chain!

    Nonaw, Yes it has been and now I’m glad that I have moved maybe it won’t cut you anymore?

    Marzouq, There isn’t much of a change right now but will be soon!

    Laialy, I was using Darkenhosting :/

    Macaholic, Thanks hehe

    Yazeed, Yeah I know ;(

  11. Darkenhosting ( Simona ) has closed down are not even bothered to contact the people that paid her for web space, I am in the process of tracking her down so that I can take legal actan against her, her upstream provider is beachcomber
    and I think they are part of the scam.