3 Day Relaxation

January 20, 2007  |  Uncategorized

The 3 day weekend does one wonders! All it takes is for one to be deprived of the daily lazy-ing and lazy-ness feeling of coasting through life to actually appreciate the true value of a weekend.  That is what it took for me to start to feel that this weekend was a God send! I rested, napped, and rested some more, washing away the tired-ness of the entire week, to me it is a pain because I haven’t had that much thrown at me at one time, but one more week and I’ll be practically used to it.

Work has been going great, or shall I say Training, since that is what I do now and not work, I am enjoying classes and we’re actually learning alot of stuff.  This sort of puts things into perspective, showing me what I can do and what I can’t do, where I want to be and where I don’t want to be! I hope that by the end of this 3 month training program that I come out a new person, one that is better in every aspect there is, and one that actually knows what she wants to do in life.

Today I saw my beloved Princess and Swair.  I had fun with Lilo of course, my little Bobsy! Hehehe That’s what we call her when we want  her to be our little cuddly puppy and she enjoys it.  She’s cracking out of her shell and becoming more of a people person and that’s what I want her to be.  I however need to go crash and read a few pages before I wake up for my final in one class and presentation and stuff.

So I’ll continue this some time later.

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  1. hope u enjoyed the break and the get-together
    yala work bacher
    oo 2 day weekend next weekend :P

  2. At the end of your training, you will learn from new, what they teach you does not really mean you will work that way.

  3. It was a great weekend I did everything I wanted to do.

  4. this 3 day weekend was a blessing to everyone, better than the new years holiday actually

  5. Your training sounds awesome, and stimulating, whether or not you end up doing anything you trained to do . . . just adding tools to the tool box is worth it, isn’t it? ;-)

  6. yala 7amdilla you enoyed the weekend! A few days in the desert cleared my brain of everything! hehehe

  7. I was at work , spinning the wheel ! grrrrrr

  8. yea, we had fun :D

    and the weekend was VERY nice and relaxing… how’d u do on the test, btw? i forgot to ask..

  9. Nonaw, Yes it is truly holy!

    Laialy, Merci hon!

    Yazeed, Yes I did enjoy both and why are you telling me its a 2 day weekend next weekend? :/

    Purgatory, Yea I know but its cool stuff now…

    Pearls, That’s great I rested alot!

    Fonzy, Yea I know you actually enjoyed it this time!

    Intlxpatr, Exactly it’s just adding experience and knowledge and if I never get to use it again then it’s just great to make me grow!

    Marzouq, El 7emdella and I’m glad for you too!

    Happy Wolf, What does spinning the wheel mean? :/

    Swair, Yea it was and the test was great easy and piece of cake.