The Couch is Complete

January 20, 2007  |  Uncategorized

The Transfer has been completed, there are bits and pieces here and there that I want to edit but I have left the Duck and went to the Couch.  I had purchased the site a while back but due to my hectic schedule now I haven’t had the time to transfer and therefore it was a bit difficult for me to do anything but this past weekend or this weekend I have spent most of it downloading and uploading stuff.  Therefore, I have decided to christen this place by posting up a picture of the couch of my dreams! A couch I recently saw and read about at Gizmodo.  If anyone wants to get me anything, this would be it! Actually scratch that I need this for my new house LOL! Hehehe If I ever get one!


So who wants to join me on my Couch?!  The reason I chose this name and went with it will come by later, wait actually now! Hehe Marzouq actually was the first to suggest it since he knows how much of a lazy bum I am, and after going back and forth I finally decided to pick it up and move to it! Now I got my own Couch Avenue and it ROCKS!  Stay tuned for a new header.

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  1. first comment, first comment :)

  2. i liked this url better than your other options too :P and yup yup, its rocks :D

    mabroooooooooooook, when’s the home warming party? :P

  3. how come purgs got here first :| a twirlie was supposed to get the honor of cutting the ribbon :|

  4. YAY!

    lemme go put it on the blogroll ;)

  5. yaaaaaay! mabrook! finally hehehe:P
    il miss the duckie though:s but this one is cool too:) good luck with it ..see u soon!

  6. The Couch is amazing and i mean both the physical one and this virtual one ;)

    i always dreamed of a couches like the ones Mariah Carey has in her home which look similar to that one except there are a lot more of them :p and they are a more nurtural color

  7. *jumps on the couch* YAY! YAY! YAY!

  8. When you you start your new job, or have I missed a critical blog entry somewhere? Very cool, hope you are happy with your new host.

  9. Purgatory, Did you have any doubt about that? You’re the first in everything!

    Dodo, Yes its cooler now that I see it! Implies relaxation effors hehe and you want a couch warming party? Getting freaky on the couch LOL!? And Purgs got here first because he has no life and lives here :P

    Swair, Thanks and good job

    Cinamonia, Thanks hehe and the duckie is always in my heart but I prefer the couch now!

    Laialy, The couch truly is beautiful hehehe and yes I always dream of owning my dream couch LOL! Hehehe now I got my couch where I can crash on it literally everday!

    Yazeed, Merci Merco

    Nonaw, Don’t ruin my couchhhhhh!

    Intlxpatr, I started training 2 weeks ago, I have training until mid March and afterwards 1 month training at work then going back to training again, the gist of it all is that I officially start to actually work in 6 months! And I am happy with my new host they are much mch better! Dreamhost all the way baby!

  10. wooohooooooooooo :) congrats :)

  11. I own this place, and I would get that couch in chocolate brown!

  12. Macaholic, Thanks hon :)

    Fonzy, Thanks dear :)

    Marzouq, Yes you do! LOL! You are welcome on the couch anytime!

  13. ok fine! be a couch!! abandon the duck !! hehehehe mita iyee the new header! it doesnt feel new!!