Ow My Head

January 30, 2007  |  Uncategorized

My head is killing me or will kill me, I would like to at least have more than a few hours of sleep, sadly enough that is not to be done, I am however going to bed immediately after I write this post.   I have a quiz tomorrow and I need to study for it and I can only function in the morning when it comes to studying.

Summary of yesterday:  Long long ass day! We were told to stay until after 6! But instead we were let out at 6:30, so from 8AM to 6:30PM, interesting long day right?  Oh well! I don’t remember much of the drama that happened then but I think it was a quiet day.  But Daddy came home and it was funny how our first conversation was through the phone!  Oh but I just remembered that we had a final that day! The instructor passed out the papers and once we turned them to start answering the dimwits started whining and complaining “But sirrrr it’s haaaaaaaaaaard!” “But sirrrrrrrrr you didn’t teach us this” “But sirrrrrrrrr you didn’t spoon feed me the answers to this test!” and I sat there in my place filling out the test which was a piece of cake, I finished in 5 minutes because it was basically 3 pages of fill in the blank, matching, and multiple choice.  Once I finished I gave my paper to the Instructor and he told me to “Leave” so I walk out.  What happened afterwards was a bad move on his behalf because the class went back to whining and so to shut them up he said “How can this test be hard when Jacqui finished it in less time and got a full mark!” and this is where everyone blew their fuses, and this is what led to “habla” girl to come up to me during lunch time to ask me to teach her the stuff because she isn’t getting things, which my friend responded to her by saying “Pay her and she’ll teach you” hehe :P So there you go! Now everyone labels me as the nerd :(

Summary of today:  I yelled at the class and made them shut up, now anyone who talks when we are told to “read” the other people look towards me to see what I would do or what my reaction is towards the talking person.  The reason I yelled was that the instructor told us that we had to read pg. 49 and 50 and he stepped out of the class, and immediately every single person started chatting up with their friends! And I was trying to read the pages which had very important information and I couldn’t even understand a word that I was reading! So I blew it! And the Instructor walked in while I was yelling at them and was happy that someone was finally putting them in their places.  The room became quiet and I was happily reading and understanding things and he was going around seeing those who claimed they read, and it turned out they read the WRONG PAGES! So he said “Wala Jacqui did well yelling at you guys!”(roughly translated of course) and so the day went on.

The days are long but in the end I feel as if I accomplished things.  Rome is seriously addictive and I can’t wait for the next episodes, I need to see Octavian and how he looks like all mighty and powerful!

P.S. The Top Ten is for “All Time” and if we count it right then it’s Purgatory leading by a landslide and not Marzouq.  Sorry Zouk hehehe but he got you beat in that one :(

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  1. Yeah eat my shorts , eat them, go ahead, E A T :P

    As for your behavior, well done, teach them kids a lesson, damn brats, we all know why they are in this class and I can tell you for sure they will get leading positions in the bank, so just have fun annoying them while you still work around there.

  2. Holy shit! He had a three year lead on me! At least give me the trophy for 06! I know I got that one! hehehehe!

    Purg, my marks are set on you!

  3. Jacqui good job putting them in their place, and DONT…. DO NOT tutor anyone! They just want to use you and you don’t have time to waste on these people especially the Habla kind! She was an ass to you from day one, if someone really wanted help they would have been more attentive in class.. secondly they are going to get their asses wooped at work if they think this is tough.. its bullshit! All they need to do is read a little or put some effort!

  4. Awww how proud am I of my juju? Seriously! You rock!

  5. Aywa kedda!! Show them who’s boss!!!!!!! And bravo 3aleiki, you aced the exam ;)

    You know, last semester, something like that happened to me, I shouted at the bloody class when the professor left. We were watching a video and the second the prof walked out, it was “yap yap this, yap yap that”. I snapped! Grrrr…lol

  6. So you must be in class right now!

  7. I just have to comment once a day and I will be coming close to you very soon purg!

  8. zain etsaween feehum.. oo lo sema7tay, no sad faces when ppl think ur a nerd, we all love u BECAUSE ur a nerd, and a great one too lol

    oo a7la shay inich cha3amteeehum LOL ta3jebeeeeni

  9. Allah e3eenich 3alla halbaa bss atleast she gives you something to blog about :p

  10. I say next time use a tazer or pepper spray on habla.. that will make her happy! :twisted:

  11. good job jacqui. useless brats used to being spoon fed everything and having everything brought to them on a silver plate witout having to raise a finger or use a drop of effort to get what they want. Back in school, u wud have been called a nerd or an ass kisser, but the way i see it, u r simply being responsible and mature. Keep it up and make sure u charge extra the spoiled brats for the private lessons, only cos u r wasting ur time on being around such idiots

  12. Purgatory, Bite me! :evil: Why should I eat your shorts? Why why why! Or are you saying this to Zouk? And of course I have to teach them manners as well as how to grow up because they are all children! But yeah I believe you that those are the ones who’ll get positions and stuff..

    Marzouq, LOL! 2 year lead almost hehe :P But yes you have Best Commentator of 06! Hehehe and now you’re commenting everyday to catch up? :P and yes of course I won’t tutor anyone aslan I am dumbifying myself before exams, always claiming I didn’t study but that’s the truth LOL! Aslan I am shocked at how some claim that they are staying at home just to study I mean I DONT THINK ITS THAAAAAAAT DRASTIC OF A MEASURE! :/

    Ananyah, I am proud of moi too ;P

    Sou, LOL! Hehehe I hope to be the boss someday I guess hehe :P And I am snapping more often these days because it seriously is unbelievable by how childish they are.

    Marzouq, Yes I was at the time of the comment lol.

    Swair, But I don’t like to be thought of as a nerd :( and yes I can acha3em even more, its easy and fun!

    Laialy, Yeah hehehe I am glad about that and by the way I don’t really give a rats tush about her hehe but its fun to blog about LOL!


    Fonzy, Thanks Fonz hehe and yes they are, imagine they are all hoping to become bankers LOL! And I believe you are right, we are evaluated daily by our instructors and they are annoying the hell out of me, they think that they will get away with this someday but apparently they wont hehe :P And I will never ever give lessons aslan, I don’t care about them, I can help them in front of the teacher in class when he asks me to but otherwise its everyone to captain their own ship :grin:

  13. why wont you tutor anyone asian?

  14. Tat, What do you mean by tutoring anyone asian? :s

  15. sorry read aslan as asian -_- this shit happens when I’m at work guess I start creating some drama to get me over the long ass boredom