Jacqui Exhausted

February 3, 2007  |  Uncategorized

I’m exhausted, I seriousy got home so late, at 6pm! And well let’s just say that I didn’t have more than a few hours of sleep, maximum of 4 hours because I tossed and turned like hell in bed.

Something about today that I hate and that I am starting to get annoyed with is that everyone is saying “Jacqui is this and Jacqui is that” want an example? We are supposed to organize a treasure hunt and well I got a team filled with great workers and stuff, the other team is sort of lazy, anywho a spy in the other team told me that every second they come up with something (we have to write the clues that’ll lead to the treasure that the other team has to find) and well everytime they write something they go like “Noooooo we have to make it harder because they have Jacqui on their team and you know that she’ll do something completely different and hard” and I’m like UGH! Get over it people!

I swear I am not exerting any extra effort, I am not even showing off any of my knowledge hell I got alot of stuff tucked under my belt but the problem is, that because I participated in class since the Instructors wanted that they are starting to see me as the geek or nerd and stuff and that just kills. I’m trying to dumb myself and I need some treatment because Lord knows if I’ll be put under an evil eye or what.

Now I’ll go shower and CRASH! I’ll see ya laters, and respond to the comments laters but I read them all and cherish them all of course.

P.S. My turtles are soooo damn cute! I am loving them like a real mother should!  I swear I worried over them today!

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  1. See, i feel special because i knew about all of this before you wrote it :p You forgot to mention that i kept you company the whole time you were driving :p

  2. miskenah :/
    shaby el 7armal when you get home ;)
    and wear an evil eye bracelet like the one Munirah 3ashoor has :P

  3. see now what I mean, you won’t last long in this job, because the bank is full of morons.

  4. actually, i think u’ll last longer than anybody else in that bank cos ur smarter and u’ll kick ass :D

  5. welcome to the real world jaqui.. hatha yemkin 3ala golat.hom ghayth min fayth.. bs latistaslimeen men awal meshkila etwajhich eb 7ayatich el mehanya… be strong and insisting, don’t let stupid and envy creatures intercept your way.

    dom thekray allah 3ashan allah yathkerich.. w latkadren ro7ich, khalehom ta7t il shibshib ;P

  6. You should right fubonacci’s formula and make them use it! They would never figure it out! hahahahaha

  7. zouk, good one :P I loved that at school!

    maybe some x & y algebra :P

    or some geek talk

    i missss u so frikin much

  8. u have turtles? *scared* and hun ya geeka :p ma3alaich minhum! just get some rest and do wat u have to do oo 5aleehum they …….. ok??

  9. dont dumb yourself down for nobody once you start assimilating into that state of mind. your body and soul would feel at ease and it will be hard to regain what you lose at the end

  10. so ur smart by nature :) enjoy it! would u rather them look at u as a dumbass? :P

  11. What’s wrong with being smart? Sweety, its their problem they can’t handle having smart people around them :wink:

  12. *sings*Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles, Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles.. Woooott!!! hehe .. Respected, Don Jax-leone =P .. whats thier names? i mean the turtles? =D

  13. Sou, Yes you are special and you know this because we had a lovely long chat hehe I like to be kept in company LOL!

    Laialy, I know I do that every once in a while and I should but I don’t have one :s

    Purgatory, I know that heheh it’s not new news ;p

    Swair, this job is just a tiny milestone in my working career, I am not going to always be in the banking field, hopefully someday I’ll work in the field of my true passion.

    Mansour, Yeah I know it’s going to be tough but I am strong and I won’t let anyone break me down hehe and of course the envious people are going to be all around me so yeah, thanks alot for your kind words of advice.

    Marzouq, I don’t know that formula LOL! And I dont function that well with math LOL! But I should’ve had it hehe ;P

    Ananyah, oh you took that formula ha :P hehehe I miss you too freak ass ;*

    Princess, Yes I have turtles and yes I need the rest and yes they should bite me :P

    TAT, I just dumb myself in front of them because it’ll steer away their eyes from me :s But I do like how some of them actually retract their envious stares, by saying “Mashalla” or “Tif Tif” LOL You know what I mean right?

    Fonzy, I am quite smart aren’t I? :cool:

    Lucent, Yeah it’s a shame but I don’t want all eyes on me you know, all envious eyes.

    Nonaw, LOL! They are called Fati and Katkot, you could check them out in the previous post LOL!