Weekend Mayhem

February 11, 2007  |  Uncategorized

I took such a long time to write about my weekend, hell this probably would be the first weekend in which I didn’t post anything in,  I just can’t find the time to do such stuff anymore.  It’s becoming more and more hectic but that is about to change soon because I plan on re-organizing my time and giving each thing a specific hour of the day.  But enough about that, my weekend was pretty busy and nice.

We stopped Thursday Lunches because Grandma is in the midst of her final stages regarding the finishing of the house, and I can’t wait to see the final product which is why I haven’t gone there in a week.  By the end of February hopefully we would have moved there and we will have our house-warming lunch.  It’s cool since it’s 10 mins away from my current house now and we got a sea view :P

So instead, Thursday I spent it with my Aunt and her boys Toonz and Iss at Marina mall where we hung out for lunch and shopped a bit at Virgin (where they finally got some novels that I read), we finished from there and it took me an hour to get home which sort of defeated my next plan which was to check out the InfoConnect show (more on that later), but that was how my day ended.

Friday, I woke up and Auntie asked me to come over coz Toonz wanted to hang out with Lilo and teach her on how to use her Birthday gift which was a gameboy and that took a few hours from my afternoon since I slept in until 3pm I think.  After finishing from there I went with Daddy to InfoConnect where I spent the next part of my day.  Afterwards it was back home and hanging out for a bit then sleeping.

That was about it for my weekend, quite busy but I didn’t spend much time online which is quite the opposite of how I used to be which was daily my Internet usage would be triple the normal consumption.

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  1. pretty chilled weekend:) family. virgin did get a lot of new books, too bad am not a reader. am hoping they update their CD collection cos so far, its been a disappointment

  2. Swair, Thanks it was quite nice..

    Fonzy, Virgin is disappointing with or without the new collections.