How Would You React?

February 15, 2007  |  Lesson of Week

These are situations I have been put through these past few days and so I would like to hear how would you react if you were in my place?

Situation 1– You are sitting in a class, the lecturer is yelling at the trainees for their nonresponsiveness towards whatever is taught in the other class, and they use the excuse that the other Instructor does not explain things easily when the other instructor is basically dumbing everything down in order for them to understand.  So what do you do?

I actually joined in the lecturer’s yelling and told them that its not the instructor giving you tricky questions in the quizes and exams, but instead its you guys wanting to be spoon fed every single freaking bit of new information.  Then they respond by saying that, “Not everyone understands things as fast as you do, mashalla” and I’m like we’re all here in our 20s, what do you think you are?  In primary school?  Seriously you should at least have a sense of understanding by now.

Situation 2– As a student you refuse to allow others to cheat off your exam, so immediately you are labelled as a nerd, one that is selfish and uncooperative, when you actually have a system you are basing your beliefs and actions on, which is, I worked hard to understand this information, to share it with others during an exam would be unfair to the time and effort put in my understanding it, so why should I?

So what do I do? Since I basically share that same opinion, I take my exam paper, close my ears off to any other sound, look down on the paper only and refuse to look up or around, finish answering as best as I can, and call over the Instructor to hand the paper to him.  I might finish first but I would be protecting myself from leechers, which is exactly what they are.  They say that even if the Instructor saw, he can do nothing! I say that he can do and will do something.

Situation 3– You are sitting in your last class of the day, when “habla” and another girl start talking in the Haleema Boland way, yet with an even worse accent (i.e. Spoiled brat talk, stretching words and softening your voice to an embarrassing level, to one where you can only use with your significant other) and talking to the instructor in that way “Siiiiiiiiiiiiiir, Buuuuuuuuut I don’ttttt knoooooooow what haaaaappeneed here!” What would you do?

I as a female became embarrassed because first and foremost this is not a work voice at all, the boys in the class got embarrassed and one of them tried to shut them up but of course they didn’t get the hint and continued on, I guess now that specific person has blacklisted them in his head.

Situation 4– When an Instructor tells you to wear Formal Suits, you were non-formal and not even Smart Casual wear, what would you do to the person that does that?   Since alot of them are not even following any of the dress codes laid out.  But I bet they are being screwed in their daily reports.  (P.S. Stockings with holes on the backside of your heels is not something professional or cool, and it shows that you are a messy nasty person)

So yeah, sorry for the long post but I just wanted your thoughts on these situations.

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  1. damn you’ve been into shitty classes.. Haleema Boland way, bitches?

  2. I would be embarrased as well if those girls started going that near me!

    Im actually glad that you took the lecturers side, because basically, the others are normally used to cheating and paying for answers!

    I think dress codes should be stuck too! You’ll be working in a bank for goodness sake! You have to look presentable!

    I’m proud of u

  3. As a lecturer in KU, i have to say the following

    Situation 1: you have all the right to think the way you think, but under no circumstances that you shout in class while the instructor is present. I think that you should hold your thoughts until the end of the class and then share it with your instructor (this is out of respect to the instructor not your colleagues). Now if you feel that they will get away with the excuses they make, i don’t think so. A good instructor will not let students play him for a fool. And a hard working student is hard to miss in class. Trust me, we can smell you nerds :), and we love having you around.

    Situation 2: Right on the money. Keep doing that regardless of what they think. Life is not classes and exams, one day you will look back and be proud that you didn’t cheat your way in school

    Situation 3: No comments.

    Situation 4: If the instructor is not doing anything about it, then neither should you. you don’t have an authority inside the class , only the instructor does. Outside the class, feel free to do anything you want.


  4. the generation of the dumb

  5. 1) They are idiots leave them be, and its good that you are supporting the instructor but it looks like you are kissing up to them! hehehe! But its all good, also they are idiots, talk to the instructor and give your honest opinion about what you think.

  6. 2) Stick to your guns on this one, dont stoop to their level, if you want to help a friend then thats your choice. If they are all idiots and worthless sacks of flesh then you shouldn’t help them! hehehe! Keep doing what you doing!

  7. 3) That is soooo horrible! I dont know why they want to work! They would get wipped into shaped and that voice won’t fly at work. Unless they are their to do their bosses some “favors”, to get up in the company, but thats a whole other subject! hehehe

  8. 4) thats just unprofessional and it does reflect on them. I hope they get stuck with a boss who will grill them! Hopefully these progress reports really do have an affect and they throw them in the Wafra branch if there is one! hehehehe

  9. Moey, Yeah I know hehe and yes the bitchy way per say hehe :P

    Ananyah, I wanted to kill them actually hehehe and thanks hon I’m proud of myself actually..

    Mishal, Well before I respond to your points individually I would like to mention one thing that we are in training for our jobs, and that the instructors or lecturers are considered as our managers or bosses and not teachers per say, they are there to share their knowledge about the field itself and help us excel in our jobs so yeah.

    As for situation 1, I didn’t yell or even shout I just mentioned my thoughts because everyone jumped in degrading the other instructor when the other guy is giving more than he has to, to make them understand things. And I never speak with an instructor out of the class or well I don’t have enquiries or anything to mention so I just end things there.. As for situation 2, thanks I am keeping that way and I won’t change at all. Situation 4, I am not doing anything about it, not even addressing them about anything because they would respond by saying the typical kuwaiti thing “he can’t do nothing to me!” And I don’t care about them that much to even try to change them at all.. so yeah :) But thanks for your input dear.

    Purgatory, Dumb and Dumber LOL!

    Marzouq, So you wanna move up the comment chart and you comment more than one time hehehe and as for your responses… 1) The problem is I am not kissing up to any instructor and I show it by my relationship with them, which is I answer questions in class, interact in class, outside of the class I don’t bother at all with the Instructor later on.. and I don’t need to give my opinion it shows when I look at their whiny asses lol! 2) I might help with 1 question to a close real friend otherwise nothing else.. Aslan I pretend that I didn’t study (which I actually didn’t) to get away from their weird ass questions and stuff.. 3) “Habla” one of the girls who did that wants to work in Shuwaikh Branch, the VIP one LOL! So you can see this is actual rehearsal for the real thing? 4) I hope they make one for their lazy asses!

  10. Just trying to make sure you get all my points so I seperated them! hehehe

  11. 1- u can think what u want and ur absolutely right, but never shout at the class. dont take the teachers side in front of all the others. u never know when u will confront any of them in the future and do business with them

    2- well in theory i would say take care of urself. But in practice, if i were to finish early and i think i can help others, then why not. But if i were in any danger of getting caught, then i wouldnt do it. But yeah i have helped a lot on exams… some people in high school passed cos of me :P

    3- i would ignore them the first couple of times, and if u got others shutting them up then sit back and watch.

    4- what do u care what they wear? they got the teacher and others who are responsible for that stuff.

    Do what u have to do to ace the course. What others do, how they behave, and what they dress should not affect ur goal in acing this course :) You bring to urself headaches u dont want and sure as hell dont need :) Chill Jacqui ;)

  12. 1: Nothing

    2: I refuse for the sole reason that even though they cheat of me they end up with a higher grade somehow so screw letting them cheat

    3: LMAO @ them

    4: lol well 1 thing for sure is I aint wearing stockings :P

    Just be yourself don’t let others get you down and care about yourself only unless its a friend or something

  13. Your teachers/mentors must love you. Just do your best, keep your head down and trust that you will rise to the top. The others – cheaters, ones who ignore the rules, etc . . . will sink. Trust your good judgement.

  14. They must hate your guts by now lol. But who cares like you said they’re so dumb so why bother.

    If I had to go through that same situation (no. 1) I would rather stay quiet rather than speak up because the class will find a way to attack me.

    I’m with you in situation 2. You don’t have to feel obliged to help anyone but yourself.

    As for situations 3 & 4 I think they’re very confused on where exactly they’ve applied for.

    Your instructor needs to apply new rules to the class like kicking out the girls who are not wearing formal clothes.

  15. Marzouq, I got your points hehe :P

    Fonzy, I didn’t shout I just mentioned my side or my beliefs a bit. And yeah I am trying to ignore everything and not worrying about stuff because I can’t really give a damn about them.

    TAT, That’s what I’m trying to do hehe I am myself and I am proud of myself.

    Intlxpatr, I adore one of them who sadly enough is not going to teach us anymore :( But yeah I am trying to stay away from those other sad faces.

    Pearls, Yeah some do I think hehe but many others actually respect me hehe and I wanted to speak out because I had enough I reached my limit, I was quiet for a long time so when I spoke out I let it all out hehehe. And well the instructor is screwing them in their daily reports so it’s not a big deal in the end don’t you think?