Crazy Friday

February 17, 2007  |  Uncategorized

No not Robinson Crusoe’s Friday.  I had a crazy Friday hell my weekend was quite nice and crazy.  I at least got a chance to see my Uncles and Grandma again since we had one last Thursday lunch before the move which’ll be all of this week and the next.  But Thursday morning I went out with Dad to get new computers and well before we left we got a 22″ LCD Benq Monitor which is the freakin bomb!  I really like it and I am thinking about going either to 19″ Wide or keeping the 22″ Wide.  I swear I had the latest episode of Heroes in HighDefinition and once I put it in Fullscreen I went like CRAZY!

Friday however was a different story, we had an event for my company where we discussed what happened last year and the future perspectives of the company itself, it was quite interesting and nice to see the entire staff in one area, I never thought that the place I work at had that many people employeed.  The event had a presentation in the beginning, the passing out of awards, dinner, karoke, and raffle prizes (where I didn’t win the 42″ Plasma Screen :() It was crazy and fun hehehe.  So yeah, that’s how things are.

Otherwise, nothing new on the front here, I am trying to finish up things, I need to restructure my time, and I need to lose the 2kgs I gained this past month and a half :(  So yeah I guess that’s my update!

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  1. come on its only 2kg, just keep them! You may need them for a rainy day hehehehe

    I want the 42″ TV :(

    You shoulda sang Karoke :p

  2. don’t worry, as soon as u start working u’ll lose the weight :)

  3. I’ve been trying to lose those ugly ‘2kgs’ but no use :(

  4. LooL
    aham shay how you called it “my company” ;p

  5. its funny how we dont know how many people work with us until some event or when its time to go home and everyone is rushing out

  6. Cool seems like you had a good time! I need to drop like 15 KGs! hehehe

  7. Ananyah, well in reality I wanna lose 6KGS so yeah :s and I will sing karaokes in your dreams.

    Swair, hehehe hopefully!

    Shosho, LOL! hehehe yeah I know the feeling.

    Laialy, LOL yes my company hehehe its mine mine mine!

    Fonzy, LOL! Yea I totally agree!

    Zouk, yeah I did lol I want 6kgs to drop.