Happy National & Liberation Day

February 25, 2007  |  Uncategorized

Happy National & Liberation Day Kuwait! It’s on the Liberation Day’s Anniversary that I know how old someone in my family will be and we have already declared it as their early birthday celebration since their birthday is going to be next week. Cool huh?

Here’s a beautiful picture taken by Radiant Guy which I’d like to share of the beautiful event that Kuwait is going through, since I haven’t gone out recently LOL!


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  1. Happy National and Liberation days! :)

    Lovely picture! Where’s the foam though? (kidding)

    You know, I’m spending today and tomorrow at home, I’m sure you know why :p lol

  2. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

  3. Happy times! I just hope things get better in Kuwait soon! :)

  4. WooHoo :D
    Happy I&L days :D

    You know Jakiyooh, there is an eaiser way to blog photos from flickr, you just need to assign your blog with your flickr account…I always use that :)
    I am not sure if that works with wordpress.

  5. Sou, Thanks hon :) And well I took the picture from Radiant Guy LOL! And of course I know why you spend the 25 & 26 at home :P

    Ananyah, Wooohooo

    Marzouq, Yes very happy times and I hope so too!

    Radiant, LOL! I know about that bs I don’t feel like it sometimes and I thin it does work with Word press since Fadibou does it as well.