It’s Almost Over

March 12, 2007  |  Uncategorized

Someone’s birthday is coming up, last year she led me to create a major scandal on this blog, I hope this year will bring back those old memories, don’t you? :P If you know who I am talking about.

The training course is almost over, Thursday I get assigned to a new location to start another 100 days of training and continue doing what I do best, which is stand in the background until I gain my seat and can work, but of course standing in the background while learning stuff.  I need that change of atmosphere but I hope I don’t get stuck with any of the lame-o’s that are with me at work now.  It appears to be that first impressions can be cheating or more like wrong, but other first impressions can also be correct.  I made a few friends or semi-friends if you want to think of it that way.

Anyhow, Friday was my Shopping Therapy day, and I finally started getting the feeling of spending alot of money and not feeling where it went because in the past 3 days I spent like a ton of my salary and that is like sad :(  But I did get a few nice things and I am happy about that.  I also spent the afternoon at Grandma’s and I had more fun there, sitting in the Garden, it’s truly Eden to me and I am loving it!

Mother got me a present today, well I think it can be called that way, she hooked me up with the new iPod Video 80GB so that she can take my old 60GB one.  I want to keep this one scratch-free! I will not keep my baby naked! Oh yeah and I umm named him “Mephistopheles.”  I am loving it, it now matches its younger brother “Satan” my Black iPod Nano (1st Generation).

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  1. Mephistopheles!!!!

    i can’t even say that, mabroooooook anyways

    i know how you feel about spending money :D

  2. good luck with the new training course :)

    congrats on the iPod!

    we all go through that spending like crazy phase, and pay for it later. am stll paying for my trips to lebanon and france :)

  3. i helped u with the iPod name! Stapho was cuter though lol :p

  4. Laialy, LOL! It’s hard to say but its a beautiful word LOL! Hehehe and I love how you get me LOL!

    Fonzy, Hehehe thanks and thanks again I hope you stop paying for your lebanon trip soon LOL!:P

    Swair, Yeah but I like full names LOL!