Hate Saying Good-Byes

March 16, 2007  |  Uncategorized

I hate saying Goodbyes, and I hate even more the fact that I get overly emotional when I do that.  I doubt that you ever expected to see me cry this easily but I did yesterday evening (Wednesday).  Because that was the last day I would be with the entire group of the new employees in the training program, starting Sunday we would be separated and each would go to a different branch for a period of 4 weeks of training.  Around 10 people are the ones that I will miss the most out of the entire group, and I can’t imagine my day without seeing them in the morning and joking around for a bit.  Although everyone percieved me as the “serious formal one” I still had an individual story with separate individuals where only a selected few got to see a glimpse of the real me.

Tuesday & Wednesday were our Sales Day Exhibition in which we were to show off our selling skills and try to make some profits for “Children with Cancer”.  Our goal is to arrange a day of entertainment and fun for those young children to make them forget all the pain and agony the go through with the various treatments for this disease.  It is a small way of helping those young children and hopefully for spreading awareness.  All groups presented nice products and nice selling skills and the profit raised + donations are quite nice.  (I am still accepting donations until Saturday afternoon where I would stop accepting any because I will have to present it to the Head of the Bank itself to see the preparations that we will take and do for this day to happen).  But anyways, it was quite a few days, I got closer to a few and I began to forgive a lot of others.

One thing that happened on Wednesday as well was that a few selected students were given “Hero Awards” and well needless to say I was one of them.  As well as 4 of the closest people to my heart.  It was an amazing way to end our short time together.  But that wasn’t the shock of the day itself, the biggest shock was that I found out that I knew a person in the training program better and she knew me better than I ever expected, so that was quite a shock hehe :P  (Hi there ;P)

I won’t go on about today but I’ll leave that to another post.  All I wanted to portray in this post is that I hate saying Goodbyes and I am going to miss everyone of those close friends that I made but then again we’ve got MSN and Mobiles and Saturdays Off so who knows we might end up meeting and seeing each other soon.

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  1. i hate Goodbyes too :(

  2. i’m going through the same.. but we’re in touch :)

  3. She [The biggest shock]

    I miss you already :sad:
    you know I have always liked you :wink:

    (y3ni anonymous)

  4. i don’t think about it much

  5. Swair, Give me a person who doesn’t hate them!

    Flamingoliya, yeah so are we but it’s not the same.

    She, I know I miss you more and I just thought that this must’ve been the reason why I always came in to say Good Morning to you every morning LOL! Hehehehe I love you babes :*

    Laialy, I hope not to think of it that much.

  6. goodbyes will always be sad!! :roll: