Real World Kuwait!

March 17, 2007  |  Uncategorized

Real World will begin in a few hours for me, I will no longer be taking actual classes but on Job training.  I will no longer have tests or exams to study for but I will have to implement many of the things that I have learned these past few months.  Those few hours will change my entire life.  I can’t wait yet I don’t want it to happen so soon.  I want to stay as young as possible and with no sort of obligations to life.  But that can’t happen.

I will miss my friends but I will make things work.  Real World, don’t crush me, I know you want to!

Play-time is over.

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  1. Juju the bankeretteeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! *zaghrouta*

  2. Ahh yes, the pleasure to have a career and open in a new chapter of adulthood. I cannot wait for my turn :grin:

  3. it’a not THAT bad ^_^
    inshalla everything will go well

  4. :: Mabrook Mabrook :) :lol:

  5. welcome :) and live your life to the fullest

  6. Sou, LOL! I hate math I hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee math!

    Angelo, I cannot wait to go back in time and live a carefree unresponsible life LOL!

    Laialy, But its scary :(

    Frankom, Thanks hon :) Alla ebarek feek!

    TAT, Thanks hon and I hope I will.

  7. congrats!! :) am sure u will do great and u r up to all those obligations u r afaraid of, u will learn to like them and need them ;)

  8. Fonzy, Thanks hon but but but I don’t wannaaaa :cry:

  9. I hope you enjoying starting this off! Its going to get interesting! Your going to be dealing with some trashy people, just make sure not to blow up in their face! :) hehehe