First Real Day

March 19, 2007  |  Uncategorized

First real day as a teller has passed by.  It was quite weird and freaky in its own different ways.  I messed up once by giving a customer an extra 20 but he realised that I was a brand new employee and counted them to make sure he got the right amount and discovered it and returned it back.  That was basically my only mistake.  Otherwise it was a good day.  The branch itself is small and there are only a few other employees with me.  They are nice for now and decent and I will work on maintaining this level of relationship with all of them, no personal and friendships going to be rising out of this place.

I then went to the Main Branch to finish two more orientation sessions about two different departments and I got to see my old buddies and boy was it different meeting them without seeing them for such a long time if you get what I’m saying.  I missed them but I can still function good with or without them, had I been allocated with one of my favorites it would’ve been much more fun.

In short, Day 1 as a Teller in Training is quite not bad.  (By the way, I wasn’t hired as such).

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  1. i guess when having you do different jobs you understand more about the business itself :)

  2. You give out 20 KD extra ? Thats cool, I want to bank with your bank ;-)

  3. :: heheh shey9er itha el customer ma yadri o you matadren ? whos going to pay that KD20 ? :!:

  4. congrats, you’ve made it

  5. mabrook :)
    oo yala ma3alaih 3ala il 20kd
    beginner’s mistake,
    good luck with the days to come

  6. weshalem, ur all grown up :p

  7. the tellers counter is the coolest place ever, i miss being a teller :neutral:

    u know, once i payed 20,000KD cheque in cash and by mistake there was extra 10 papers of 20KD.. I REWARDED THE MAN 200KD FOR THE CHEQUE LOL.. then i called him back and he was good man he came back and gave me a lecture for caution and being precise with money :D

  8. Laialy, It is something like that because in the end they can use me in both seats if there is a shortage here or there, that’s the whole goal of letting us start off as Tellers.

    Don Veto, LOL! No you won’t get anymore extras because that was my first beginners mistake hopefully none to follow.

    Frankom, I would then have to pay it back because it was my mistake but it was done through the Head Teller’s login so I am technically not at fault here :P Until I have my own login :P

    Pearls, Thanks hon hehe it’s been a long road!

    Yazeed, LOL! Hehehe yeah I know it’s my first mistake I didn’t mess up in the training course but in real life I got my first mistake LOL!

    Swair, No I’m not, I’m a baby still!

    Mansour, hehe you used to be a teller? cool so you know all that I’m going through hehe you know the feelings that I am feeling right? Hehehe bs oh well I hope you are in a better place now hehe and I hope I don’t make any more of those mistakes.

  9. everyone has to go through the teller phase, its natural. but very good for u. which bank u working for btw?

  10. Fonzy, The best bank of Kuwait hehe and no not that one in your mind, mine doesn’t give out cars as gifts :P But I can tell you through email LOL!