Can’t Breathe

March 23, 2007  |  Uncategorized

I feel as if I can’t breathe as if I’m suffocating from something and I don’t know what it is.

But I also feel as if I am doing something good finally.

But then I also feel as if I am still lost and I don’t know what I want from life itself.


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I am a Kuwaiti Apple and gadget girl freak, who gets bored of her blog layouts so much that I change them like I crazy. Currently I work in a newspaper and if you don't see me around I'm being sucked into my job reviewing TV Shows and APPS! This is my space where I vent and release everything, welcome to it.


  1. What you’re feeling is not uncommon. You’re finally feeling what it’s like to be an independent young woman in the world, and the freedom you suddenly have in your grasp is so strange and alien to you, that you don’t even recognize the feeling. The feeling you have in your lungs is the sharp sting of the fresh air of freedom.

    Or maybe you’re asthmatic? :P

  2. just saw your picture in the year book :D

  3. 7abebti ;* i know how u feel…been there myself many a time..
    all i can say is wallah u will feel better

  4. seems like a bad day … i’ve had some of those
    it will pass inshalla

  5. :shock: same here .. u can cheak what i said before ..
    wallah , i have been lost with nothing to do in this world ..
    inshallah it will be just a mater of time ..

  6. with time you will figure out where you are going! It isn’t easy in the beginning! Just give it sometime!

    For being so lazy you are damn impatient! You will slowly start to figure things out and gain experience and meet new people. Its a good thing. Live your life, and you will start seeing your path! Everyone feels lost in the beginning!

  7. I know at least 3 people who were with you in the training and they just LOVE You! I thought you should know this…

  8. you should break the routine and go out. You need some fresh air. Check out TheAvenues with some friends, that should be fun

  9. don’t worry babe, it’ll all be okay soon :D

  10. Moe, Really? Freedom? I hope so!

    Flamingoliya, Hope it looked nice hehe :s Ironically a guy from work told me he saw my pic in the yearbook as well LOL! Already I’m famous :s

    DR, I hope so too and thanks alot hon :****

    Laialy, it has to pass!

    Joeymania, I blame everything on the weather don’t you? Well I don’t I love the weather and I hope I can find that part of me soon.

    Zouk, I hope to live it nicely I really do! I just need to organize my shizzle now!

    Shopa, OMG NOW I’VE GOT TO KNOW WHO! Tell me :P I think I know one of them though.

    Pearls, I went to the Avenues yesterday (my day off) but I went with my Aunt and cousin and it was nice and a change of atmosphere.

    Swair, Sure I hope so.

  11. looool so people love you at the training! hhaahahaha

  12. Zouk, Yea apparently I am loved :P LOL! I’m glad!