Moment to Scratch Head

April 19, 2007  |  Uncategorized

Hopefully today I get a moment to scratch my head, these past two days I have been busy non-stop and I haven’t even had a second to myself, odd but it was fun.

I might be getting a puppy but then again it all depends on what my uncles are going to say.  Pray for me that I get one.

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  1. :: inshalla shesamona … AMEEN :eek:

  2. i want a puppy 6ooooooooooooo ^_^

  3. I wanted a dog for longest time but that just wasn’t going to happen! Enjoy sometime to yourself! I think some vacation time would be nice, but you should apply for that a week off, and go to scotland to ananyah, that would do you some good!

  4. Frankom, :( Mako shesamona!

    Laialy, They are called Shih Tzu puppies :( They are beautiful and my parents said no!

    Zouk, I need just a few days off seriously I do, I want to get rid of the cheque horrors hehe and the dog isn’t going to happen here either :(