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May 4, 2007  |  Creative

Days passed since she last spent a little bit of time on herself. Her quality “Me” time has been put on hold for almost a week now, and things are starting to get to her. Work is quite hectic, things get messed up at work and a few days of chaos are what she has to look forward to until things settle down and become smooth again. The standing up, the sitting down, the taking notes, the working on the computer, all those things got to her, they stressed her out, yet she still went on. She believed that things will work out eventually and the world will set itself right again and she would go back to enjoying her days at work and at home.


That was until this morning, she found a little “me” time and spent it at a massage parlor getting the best relaxation treatment money could buy. She could’ve gone out to shop and de-stress in the usual way a woman usually does, buying a new pair of shoes, but instead she went down and had a massage. But there is something you don’t know about her. This was her first massage. For the past 23 years she could basically be described as a “massage virgin”, yet after this morning she could no longer claim that she has never had a professional massage.

The feelings she experienced when going through her relaxation session were undescribable and unbelievable. She never knew such a feeling of ultimate relaxation could exist, she never thought she could unwind and let go of all her worries and thoughts. It seemed as if once she stripped off her clothes, all her worries left her body. It felt as if once she let herself lie down on that table and give herself up into the hands of another person, that all her responsibilities were put on hold and for once, someone else would be looking out for her. The hour she spent inside that dimmed small private room, on a warm table, with the most soothing music and the most relaxing oils she has ever known mattered so much in the course of her week. It was the first time she felt a little relaxation and the first time she could do something and not worry that time will be running out, or that she had to be somewhere.

Her experience has inspired me, I hope it will inspire you all as well. Her experience showed me the importance of finding yourself some “me” time. Finding yourself a few hours everyday just to do something that you want and that no one else has to tell you to do.

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  1. me me me time
    i usually take up facials even though sometimes they are painful
    but i’ve never had a body massage
    i get very uncomfortable when people touch me @_@

  2. hmm, glad she found her me time, maybe she really needs it, if shes who i think she is then i suggest she schedules more of it!!

  3. I need to find some ME time to relax just like how she did, a massage sounds so good right now!

  4. Laialy, When she was leading me to the massage room she had her hand on my lower back which made me go “Ummm…” but I didn’t say anything but eventually it felt nice to have those knots taken out of my back and shoulders. I think this will be a weekly thing now. Hehehe I should go for a facial next ;p I’m spoiling myself silly now!

    Princess, Thanks hehehe I will schedule more of it don’t worry :P And she is who you think she is :P

    BoredQ80, You should, don’t let work take over completely. Welcome to my blog friend :)

  5. Very nice!! I think you need some “me” time! You have had a lot on you the past couple of months! Personally I want to just ride somewhere and relax!!

  6. Zouk, Yeah I so do! It was so much fun and relaxing that I took those few hours out of my day to do that for myself. I am thinking of making it a regular thing.

  7. Do that! I just wish I had two day weeksend, at least I could ride one day and sleep another.. or at least stay up and watch some movies!! That sort of thing!