Ups & Downs (Not the Teaser)

May 26, 2007  |  Uncategorized

Warning: Long Ranting Post. 

Lots of things are going on that not only work can make you feel down but even your personal life outside of work.  I have learned to keep a smile on my face regardless of what I’m feeling inside but sometimes, just sometimes you feel that the inside you wants to burst out and yell to the world that it’s hurting and it needs someone to make it feel better or something for that matter.  That’s what I keep feeling.  I let lots of things pass by but certain days I would be in a mood and when I get somewhere and I hear a few things I get so depressed it’s hard to pull me out of it.  Some incidents that ticked me off during last week were:

Situation 1:  I would be standing there next to my boss asking her a question, the door has opened and a customer is already at the teller area (I’m not a teller now, I moved up to training for my job) and habla turns around to tell me “Blah blah wants to do blah blah should I transfer him to you?!” and I’m like “Ummm there is (1) and (2) who are free with nothing to do, I am busy, why don’t you transfer him to one of those two”  I mean seriously doesn’t she understand that I am busy?!  The whole entire week would be the same thing, someone comes in and wants something else she says “Go to Jackie” or she yells at me “Should I transfer him to you!?”, with the phone its the same thing.  This one evening, it was around 7:45 and a customer called in to “check her VISA card Limit” and so habla goes (without putting the customer on hold) “Jackieeeeeeeee should I transfer her to you!?”  andGod Bless (1) he said “No No No, tell her the System is Down!” since literally we closed our stuff, and she puffs and huffs and asks me again should I transfer her to you! and I go  “No tell her System is down” after she does that, she starts to huff and puff some more and says “Waaaaaaaaay I don’t know why you guys lie to those customers, I mean its soooo wrong!” I was thinking in my head “If you so wanted to help why don’t you answer her questions!

Situation 2: I was talking to my boss about who I knew in certain places so that we pay sales visits and one of the places was where my uncle works.. so I go to her and say “I have connections in (Company A)” and she goes “Really who?!” and I go my uncle and a relative of the family.  Habla was stuck to the chair in that office, thinking that she is high on top now that she made friends with the boss.. and so she asks who my uncle is and I give her the name.. and habla then goes “Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Blah Blah!?! I know Blah Blah!!?! Doesn’t he live in Dhahiya?!” and I’m like “NO!” and she goes like “Isn’t his best friend Bleh Bleh?!” and I’m like “Yeah” and she goes like “His soul mate rather is Bleh Bleh omgggg I know him.. can you believe it I know him, I’ve always heard of Blah Blah but I never saw him…” That’s basically how it went down, I mean seriously who does she think she is, does she think it’s cool that she knows my Uncle, does she think that saying that in front of my superiors would paint her in a better picture already she’s categorized as a fluffy slut.  I got so ticked off, it’s my family she was referring to and I don’t like the fact that you want to associate my family’s name with you!

Situation 3: She brought in a customer to take out a loan and is soooo happy that she did this that she’s bringing in more, that day my boss told her “Mabrook So-So’s Loan was just approved” and she goes liike “Omggg! Let me SMS him and tell him that..” She SMSed him from her mobile phone, a private number that shouldn’t be associated with work, I mean seriously I would never do that would you?!  And then she spoke to him and laughed it up a bit.  It was highly unprofessional.

So I know you guys might be thinking that I must be jealous or something but that’s not the case.  I am just sick of seeing these antics go down, these lame unprofessional antics and I am pissed of seeing her in the branch just transferring clients my way because she doesn’t want to deal with anyone! I mean seriously she’s supposed to be in the Teller Area and every day, every hour she just gets up and goes sits in my boss’s office to just chat! Who does she think she is really! I didn’t even do that!

I guess I wrote about this for too long, but tidbits about habla as well are she’s always late (comes in at 7:50 and such when we should be there at 7:30), she’s so ugh and nasty in her dress wearing skin tight pants and tops that basically show her mountain bosom area, speaks in that whiny “Waaaaay Ambaaaaaaaaaaih!” voice of hers that ticks me off, hell she gossips in front of you about you! And more.  Aren’t I just so lucky that I am working with her?  :grin:

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  1. umm, 3asa mashar! ma3alaich minha, kabray rasich 3an hal crap and since ur doing such a good job at ur well job then 5alha itkoon the fluff slut, it only makes u look better hun, u will face more shit to come , so u need to take it easy honey walla, i know i freak out too, but alot of the things i just let go…:*

  2. is Habla a blogger?

  3. i can’t believe she’s taking up perfectly amazing BLOG SPACE!!

    khatwaleeeeee… at least you know the difference between professional and unprofessional and i think you’re boss can see the comparison and contrast (more contrast than comparison LOL)..

    and u should be happy cos she’s trying to transfer clients to u, it shows she’s so friggin’ dumb, she has to refer to the genius of the branch *wiggles eyebrows*

  4. If i were u, I’d send her a really cute guy to talk to her for a bit then to humiliate her in front of everyone if she eva made a move on him.

  5. U know what I can do, I can do one of two things! I could shoot her, or a I could humiliate her very much! loooool

    She is annoying o habla ezyaadah 3an el luzoom! I want to do something very evil towards her, but I’m not sure what yet!

    I want to inflict pain.. lots of it

  6. You’re giving an imbecile too much power in your life. She clearly wants your attention and somehow, she is succeeding. How can you cut your interface to a minimum?

  7. yea one small note. never tell anyone about ma3arfich in any place when ur trying to make sales. NEVERRRRR.. even ur bosss. big NOOO. tell her u have family friends u know minziman etcc.
    as for habla, gi6eha ib wayeha, deal with her, dont send me anyone unless 3inda/3indaha 7sabat/loans or anything associated with my main job. mu ma3qula customers ray7een yayeen 3la istefsarat sqeera when she’s suppose to know the info.

  8. either you are in love with her, or you need to suck it up and pull a handfull of her hair to cast a spell by a nigerian witch……!!!

    since I know you’re not in love with her, try to send an old lady, old geezer would be great since he would fuck her brain with profanity, give them loads of cash and ask them to deposit…..!!!
    they’ll know what to do after that……!!!

    works 100%, I tryed it with someone who anoyed my sister, and that twerp lost 10000 KD…….!!!

    why didn’t tase her already…..!!!

  9. better yet, take a break, go to her car, and wipe the windows with lemon, or hire someone to do that for you, and have him to urinate on the tyres, she will die, or be disfigured withen the week…..!!!

  10. ishe cute? :razz:

    but really, stupid people don’t realise they’re stupid.. ditto for annoying ones too, so its YOUR (and your boss’s) responsibility to shut her up.. why, pray tell, does Boss allow her to go to his/her office to sit and chat? why don’t you (next time she does the transfer-client-to-jackie thing) tell her that it’s no longer your responsibility to cater for her incessant annoying behaviour and deal with customers that are HER responsibility now?

    I faced the same problem at work. First few weeks I swallowed my pride and did the extra work, then I couldn’t handle it anymore and just showed my own Habla what’s what.. can’t say I helped the harmony at the office but that’s your personal choice.

  11. -_-
    too much reading for one day
    hal ashkaal ma ten3a6aa wyh
    Allah e3eenich :/

  12. LOL , i used to be in a bank …

    i know the type of people ur talking about .. the ones who gossip and go do ” ass kissing ” in the manager’s office .. and be basically a b!tch

  13. Princess, I know bs the thing is she brings me down whenever I see her there.. But I guess I should learn how to let it all go..

    Purgatory, Hell no.

    Swair, I am a genius regardless hehe but oh well :s

    Blasha, Oh please I don’t think that would work with her.. wouldn’t budge her a tiny bit aslan.

    Zouk, Shooting her is fun, but humiliating is funner LOL! LOL I want to inflict lots of pain too but I heard something really cool happened to her which made my day a bit LOL!

    Intlxpatr, Problem is, we’re a handful of employees so its hard to cut the interface in that close of place.

    d, Thanks for the bit of advice and yeah I guess that’s one way of dealing with habla.

    EXZombie, HELL NO I”M NOT IN LOVE WITH HER! and if only I knew someone who would annoy her that way lol it would’ve been fun! I would’ve gone into the bathroom and laughed my head off afterwards LOL! And LOL!

    Zeecu, NO NOT CUTE AT ALL! I guess I should find a way to deal with my habla and eliminate her from the office itself LOL!

    Laialy, LOL Too much? Waihech it’s too little for what I wanted to say lol hehe bs yeah I will a6anesh sooner or later..

    Financy, Yes that’s what they ALL are.. no exceptions really.

  14. What happened to her that made your day and how can we humiliate her!