One Week MIA

July 15, 2007  |  Uncategorized

I think this is the true epitome of procrastination, and why must you ask?  Well simply because every single day that passes by I say to myself “Today is the day I’ll write up a new post” and everyday passes with me not writing one.  I guess it’s because Zouk said that I had too much free time on my hands that I stopped writing hehe he hit me with one big shazam :P Just kidding though!

What has James been up to?  Well simply put?  I’ve been going through work like a zombie sort of, doing the work that I’ve got and I have decided to not put in any extra effort because in the end no one is appreciative and everyone keeps on saying “Jacquiiiiiiiii enough! Stop thinking about work!”  So what better way than to revert back to my old college days where I do greatly with no effort produced?  The first few days I was doing my job but then the last three days one of the Tellers was sick and so I volunteered to go do that job rather than sit at my desk and get angry customers yelling at me and ruining my day.  The fun thing about tellers is that its mostly system work and with that I am unbeatable (knock on wood!) but  luckily enough something happened last week that already has put me on the verge of not having to complain much about my job anymore, more on that when the time comes.

Saturday marked the day where I began a training course at AUK teaching me some strategies that would help me in the field I’m in (currently).  And so far it’s quite nice and informative.  However what I wanted to comment on is the fact that AUK really suprised me I mean the halls and stuff really look cool! The Liberal Arts Building, The DINER, the location itself.  I don’t know but something about it made me like the place a bit.  It’s quiet as well and neat unlike the chaos of KU!  But the Diner was the best place of all.  Anyways before this post gets any longer lemme just add one thing:

I’M FREEEEEEEEZING MY TOES OFF! :P  And that my friends is a wrap!

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  1. gr8 girl at least ur doing something…i just cant raise my head from work …i really want to do any kind of course but time is what i need…and the two shifts thing is a screw for us!!

  2. looooool! I jinxed you! hahaha! I think AUK did a good job making a clean job of the whole setup. I really like that, I wanted to check it out for the sake of seeing but I will have a chance later! Work has been insane for me the past couple of weeks! Too much on the plate!

  3. what happened last week that made you stop complaining? maybe it will help us all stop complaining if you told us what it was?

  4. Allah e3eenich with work, how did u spend your Saturday then?

  5. yah i wanna know what happened last week :(

    My toes are freezing thinking about it just now hmmm I shall hunt out some socks!

  6. i just have to say that i LOVE!! ur new theme/design!! congratss!!! :eek:

  7. I think AUK is too small, it should be placed in bigger space, I suggest close to the Avenues :P

  8. yay! no more compaining :p

  9. MAZE : I try to do things when I get a chance but not always :s But the course I did was assigned to me by the bank and so its not really my choice :P

    Marzouq : Yes you are a major jinx! And yeah I know I was shocked about the insides, its small but not that small good enough for a starting university. I so understand the too much on your plate thing!

    pearls : Bah its something regarding work but doesn’t mean I will stop complaining about every single thing in life? :P

    Laialy_q8 : I didn’t spend it doing anything fun other than class and then home to nap that’s about it!

    ananyah : Bite me you know slut! and I want socks email me some socks!

    Bernie : Thanks Bernie hehe I am glad you like it :) I love it too!

    Purgatory : It’s a temporary location aslan so I guess they will be moved sooner or later.

    Swair : Get spell check!