Working In Bad Conditions

July 26, 2007  |  Uncategorized

I’m working in bad conditions, beyond bad.  Imagine this:

Sunday they started the work to redecorate our branch or renovate more like it.  Sunday was also when the AC stopped working completely.  Sunday was also the day where we were really short in staff and I had to work as a Teller and where I almost fainted because the AC was not working, and the humidity was sucked into the branch.  There was chaos with the customers, a long queue of people waiting for transactions and just the inability to breathe was overwhelming me.  That was the first day.  The next day was kind of similar but they fixed the Que-matic.  Third day the humidity increased and we still had major chaos, the most was in the evening shift where I was the only Relationship Officer available and the minute we opened the doors all the way until 7:45 I had customers, hell one of them even came back and was so rude that he blew my day and made me extra angry and extra tired physically and mentally.  Today (Wednesday) was crazy because the humidity was UNBELIEVABLE and everyone of the staff brought their home fans to place in front of them (me included but I brought mine in on Monday) however that doesn’t help you much! Instead it will increase your chance for sickness!  Staying in a humid place + dealing with stupid idiots (whether its customers or colleagues) + not having enough info provided by your ever changing policies!

Most of you don’t know that I have a short temper, except those who are really close to me, they don’t know that one thing can really blow me over the top and I would combust! Wednesday was one of those days I was dealing with a horde of customers + the phone kept ringing and there is only two working extensions and they happened to be at my desk and the other Relationship Officer and my superior was yelling at me to pick up the phone! I mean SCREW YOU! I am trying my best to deal with the customers and you want me to pick up the phone that is always a personal call for you! And I would have to excuse myself from the customer to go to her and tell her to go pick up the line its a call for her!  Ugh! I hate it.  Oh and one last thing that blew me away was a customer whining about what happened to a situation that is going on with him, and I tell him if there are any updates we’ll call and he keeps on whining asking what’s going to happen! And a customer just sat in front of me! I can’t take this job anymore!

I just can’t!

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  1. man

    i hope the pay is good

  2. I told you before, this is not the place for you

  3. :roll: صبري شويه …هذا تدريب على تحمل الصعب…و معرفه انواع الناس…و شلون تتعاملين معاهم…بعدين راح تذكرين هذي المواقف في حياتك…و راح تضحكين على هذي الأوقات و تصبح ذكري ما يبقي منها غير اللحظات السعيدة و المفيدة…التغيير زين و انشالله راح تكونين في مكان زين قريباً لكن كل الأماكن متشابهه.

  4. thats why in NBK customer cant call relationship officers directly they’re directed to 801801 and the 801801 agents send an e-mail to the R.O. informing him who called so he can call back….

    be patient! this is the real work :P

  5. Allah e3eenich girl
    plus, i would have never gussed you had a short temper

  6. alah i3eenich.. goodluck oo enjoy ur weekend!!

  7. If you don’t want this job then apply for a job at a financial company, you would really like that more then this guaranteed. I know your good at whatever you do so your not lacking anything so try applying for other jobs at financial companies. Only when you have completed a year at the bank thought, but I told you that it working at Bank would really give you experience!

    You have a temper but seeing it blow is whats funny to me!

  8. I used to be in a bank ( same as bank as urs )

    i left them .. and im happy

    it wasnt a real job anyways .. no real experience .. only customer service .. and operations job .. which is punching buttons o entering data into the PC .. o doing Sales

    ako alot of other good jobs out there

  9. i think , you should look into a job , which is more organised and caters to employee and customer satisifaction …

  10. eshda3wa : It’s decent enough.

    Purgatory : I can’t work at the job you want me to work at :wink:

    davinci : Yeah I know Daddy but I prefer some order to a place, I don’t like chaos and I hate noisy environments, to do my best I need to know what I am doing and not have people slam me against the wall because they don’t want me to jump ahead or because they don’t know anything! But oh well!

    Mansour : If only we had that! I swear some call to check what their balance is, or if their salary was credited to their account!

    Laialy_q8 : Are you joking or are you serious about not guessing my short temper? :P

    Bernie : Thanks dude :)

    Marzouq : I just realized you saw me blow my temper more than once hehe oh well I hope I looked good doing it hehe and the problem with leaving is that I am tied to a 2 year contract or I pay off a substantial amount (one that I don’t have) then I could leave. But oh well, you know what’s going to happen anyways :P

    Financy : What bank was that? Email it to me hehe I wanna know :P And yeah I know about the data entering and stuff. It’s a crazy job!

    Rayboy : Might be headed in a similar direction, maybe! For some reason I prefer a routine organized job rather than something chaotic!