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August 11, 2007  |  Doing Good

I’ve been on a weird Blog Templating Frenzy in which I have done 3 Template modifications over the last week.  I like it and I seem to find my peace in doing that, but it does get kind of hectic sometimes.  Now I’ve got 2 more to work on and that would be it I guess.  But I might start editing my Feeds Site since it’s been ages since I did anything there.  But here you go, click on the images to take you to the actual blogs to see them in action.  Anyone want a re-design be sure to drop me an email in my “Contact Me” page.  I can work some tiny miracles but make sure you specify what is your favorite colors, the way you want it to look like, and what you’d like for the header.

Pretty soon I should start charging for those.


First template I did this week, I helped with the header and choosing the colors, but Laialy herself did the editting in her template.  I am so proud of her.


Second blog I helped re-design, but this time I teamed up with my partner in crime ananyah and we ended up whipping this beauty in one night for good ol’ Chikapappi.


My last blog re-design was launched today, I had re-designed Purgatory’s site so that it looks more beautiful and neat, plus so that it’s hosted on his own server rather than on Kuwaitblogs.  I implemented the new Flash header so that the colors change.  It does look beautiful doesn’t it?

Who’s next?

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  1. I am just happy you still do them for free ;p

  2. Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurl! You’re the HOTNESS ! Love your work, thanks soooo much for my baby! Pury needed that BIG TIME ! I’m still “woohhooing” from that day :P

  3. *considering taking advantage*

  4. Jacqui you’re still undisputed Queen of Blog Templates.

    You should think like an entrepreneur now ! :wink:

  5. Purgatory :Hahahahahaha you love things that are free ha!

    chikapappi :Hehehe oh well I like to make things beautiful!

    nQ : LOL Anything in mind drop a line and I’ll get to you after I finish the list I’ve got :P

    jewaira : Aww thanks :P Yeah and I should but oh well :P

  6. i remember when i first wanted a blog and came to you for help… you shut me off lika …..

    i didn’t start a blog because of you

    i thought u only do blogs for men, but here you are, doing it too for girls

    gos knows why

  7. Z : when was that? I don’t remember you anyways and I don’t think I would’ve turned down helping others. So don’t try to spread lies :) You have a wild imagination don’t you?

  8. designing blogs is more fun than doing our actual REAL LIFE jobs hahahahaha I think we should quit and make a business outta it ;)

    I have 6 on my list to design *sigh*

  9. 2005, and i don’t need yo lie just like you didn’t have to publish my post.

  10. Sister Number Four

    I dont care how any blogs you redesign, I will still always do yours because I rock like that. I dont care if you dont even want my layouts, you’re using them biatch.

  11. LooL
    you’ve been a busy bee ^_^

  12. Loved the 1st template you helped edit! :grin:

  13. Very well done on all three, and Purgs header looks much better then before! He did a horrible job with his previous look! It was a mess at the time!!!

    I think that doing all these is like an a testament to your work, and I think you would be a great graphics designer with your team! loool!

  14. And I think My blog change is on everyone’s list!!! loool! I just have to get those perfect pictures!! I love the pictures we have in mind, just let me get those perfect shots and we are there! A couple more weeks and I will have them!!! looool!

  15. Man, these are one of your finest creations Jacqui…Bravo :razz:

    If I had my own domain, I’d have asked for your help but I have to suck it up and be “satisfied” with WordPress template selections.

  16. THANK YOUUUUUUUU! I love the layout you created for me. :twisted:

  17. :shock::I can barely turn on my msn and you do templates **idol worship eyes** I like purgs page alot but the rest are so cute..Nice work!

    If you look at mine you will find it your obligation to rid the world from such horror.. :wink:

  18. ananyah : But then it would become a task and boring that’s why you should limit yourself to a number of designs per week :P

    Z : Why shouldn’t I publish your post it’s not as if there was anything wrong. You said your 2 cents and I responded.

    Sister Number Four : I know I know it’s like I’m Picasso I can’t paint my own portrait :P

    Laialy_q8 : Totally :P

    B’s Sanctuary : Hehehe I should stop doing this for a while! And start charging :P

    Marzouq : Thanks dude I missed you! Hehehe and well I can’t say I’m all that great when I graphic design I still make some errors hehe and yeah get those pictures and we’ll do the best thing yet. I have a feeling yours will outdo everything ananyah and I have ever done!

    Angelo : Get your own domain and I’ll help you with a customized design hehe :P It’s all down to the colors and header that’s what counts most.

    Tooomz : Bow down oh little one :P

    Lily : Hehehe it is quite stock template-ish but in the end it suits the purpose. I could help you with something in a week or so :P I need to regenerate :P

  19. Don’t worry! I only provide the material, lots and lots of material! You guys are going to have a lot to work with! And the rest is all you! hehehe! I give some input and then you guys take-off from there!

  20. Jacqui – you are so gifted. And it is clear you LOVE doing the template re-designs, you can tell because they are beautiful and perfect. So why why why are you working in a bank? Can’t you have your own business doing ‘net stuff?

    You are talented. :lol:

  21. Intlxpatr, we are way ahead of you in that ;) time will tell and y’all will get a suprise.

  22. ask for money, you’ll be flithy rich. no free. :)))

  23. looool! Your Battlefield!

  24. Marzouq : Of course isn’t that our job? :P Hehehe we’ll do you good don’t worry :P You won’t feel a thing ;)

    Intlxpatr : Aww thanks hehehe but Internet business doesn’t put food on the table really. So one has to have a main gig then another one that isn’t so main ;p

    ananyah : Hehehe we should cool it for a while shouldn’t we? :P

    Your Battlefield : Yeah yeah

    Marzouq : She crazy.

  25. HEEEY!!! Come on 4thring needs a change tooo!! :p mashaaalaa your work is great!! hats offff jacqui!!!

  26. Jacqui, maybe this is a little too late. But, I need help on setting up a blog. I want to transfer from to and use wordpress 2.2 to run it. I have no idea how to do that. I tried reading some guides, messing around with wp2.2 but ended up in the gutter. May you please help me?