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August 27, 2007  |  Uncategorized

I’ve been thinking quite a lot lately, and not that it would surprise most of you that I do in fact think, but I have come to a decision that come September the 1st I will be pulling down my Feeds Site and replacing it with something else.  I am also thinking that I would like to really push my Blog Re-designing project into gear, I want to learn as much CSS/PHP language as possible so that I can create my themes from complete scratch.  That way I can actually make everything look the way I want it to be and make it hot! But things are easier said than done.

Funny thing today, is that my new boss is back from vacation and one of the first few things he asked me, although it was the first time I saw him or spoke to him is that, “So which do you think is better Branches or the department you’re moving into?” And I smile politely and look at him and say “Although I haven’t gone into the department yet but I’m hoping there..” He then turns to the girls and tells them “What have you done to the poor girl, she still is unconvinced about staying!” Hehehe in a comic way however.  The funny thing was that they had moved me out of the old place into this one to make me change my mind since I was dealing with dimwits over there.  But sorry to say that I had more reasons to request a department change than a mere person or two getting on my nerves.  Plus, work hours in branches kind of sucks the living day lights out of you!

I wore my new H&M Dress, it was adorably cute on me, I felt like a school girl or teacher if you’d like, I am contemplating a suit or another dress tomorrow but we’ll see about that.  I’m in a much better place, in my head really, that I feel relaxing thoughts coursing through.  I just need to make more time for myself so that I can enjoy life rather than watch it pass me by.

Oh and as a replacement I have decided that I will be using a Feed Reader on my Computer to read blogs as well as an online Feed Reader which is so cute and easy to access.  I discovered I had a lot of dead feeds that were causing a breakage in my system but oh well.  It’s time for me to hit the sack.


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  1. feed reader sounds like a good idea to use,i’ve never tryed it. i think kuwait blogs will get blocked or harrased at leats for god know what next!!

    this is the second time i read your posts and quite frankly i think i’m starting to like your it

  2. Hmm.. this is my first time going into the feed site.. I think its brilliant.. i would go on it often now.. i really like it…. are you really gonna take it out?

  3. A feed reader (like the one I showed you) is much much better than having a dedicated domain using a plugin to show them.

    I think you should make scarletlights into a creative writing blog, get a bunch of other bloggers who love writing stories, poems etc and voila :P

    Sorry about not being online last nite, after talking to you, I studied *SHOCK*

    I found some tutorials that will help us btw regarding making themes from scratch ^_^

  4. I agree with you about branch working hours & I keep thinking what a poor girl & how you spend so much time at work- walla if you have the chance move…

  5. Try Newsgator and their NetNewsWire client (which syncs with the web-based account).

  6. I’m really enjoying the site u gave me,!

    i have most of the blogs on my blogroll there, PLUS and PopSugar.. it’s so cool :D

  7. from your posts you seems to be a much happier person, so thats a plus from your move

  8. error : I’m glad you like it hehe my posts range in style, sometimes I’m whining and sometimes I’m not hehe I am really nice but you need to get a chance to discover it hehe :P But yeah I agree with what you said :P It’s only a matter of time.

    ananyah : That’s a thought, I already have an initial idea on what I’d like as a design for myself :P I can’t reveal much here though :P

    chikapappi : That’s why I’m moving but oh well :P

    3baid : Hmmm that’s great, oh and welcome back it’s been a while since I’ve seen you around here :P Will definitely check it out.

    Swair : Fetha7teeena! That will be a topic of another post soon either me or mims will talk about it though :s

    Laialy_q8 : I am very happy! Very very happy!