Down Time

September 15, 2007  |  Uncategorized

What does one do when they have down time?  Seriously that’s a question one has to ask oneself! And the answer that I would provide you guys with is:


I literally slept like a log since yesterday, I went to bed around 3:30ish AM and I slept all the way until 4:30PM! LOL! That was the best nap ever! Ops I mean sleep! I woke up refreshed, read the blogs I liked and stuff, talked to my buddies online and then it was time for Fitour and so I went ate, watched a bit of TV and spent the rest of my day just chilling.  It was heaven!

Something I’d like to approach is the TV Shows that I have watched these past few days.  I literally can’t take any drama show because I will crack up at any beating down scene so I avoided those like the plague! I got to watch Haleema’s Strip Show, Ops I mean her Ramadan Thing Show and literally wanted to puke all the food that I was stuffing myself with! Since she was UNBEARABLE! Did you notice how no other chick was involved in the filming of the episodes, I have come to a theory that basically says the following:  She doesn’t want any other female in the show because they will literally OUTSHINE her! And show her as the NOTHING that she is!  Ugh I hope they cancel her show!

Other things I watched was well Freeej 2, since I loved it last year and I really like Comedy shows! It was funny as hell! I adored Abood Zakhoh!  And I also managed to catch a nice comedy on Al-Rai TV at around 11-ish called “Hatha Waladna” roughly translated “That’s our Son!” And it stars Tareq Al Ali, Haya Al Shuaibi, Jamal Al Radhan, Mohammad Al Sairefy, as well as others.  I loved yesterday’s Funeral scene it was so nicely done and made me burst laughing! Hell when the old patriarch of the family Bo Jassom started singing “Mn 7obna Laha Enwaferlaha” I was lying on the floor laughing my guts out! Hehehe I guess what I’ll watch this season is those two and if anything funny comes along I wouldn’t mind watching it, but they seriously have to make me laugh!

P.S. I want a swimming pool in my living room!

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  1. Well yeah that’s one heck of a sleep! i wish I could do that… gotta stay all day today to clean the house & regulate my sleep for work arrgghh!

    I didn’t notice the 7aleema thing bas since you’ve said eee wallaaa! OMG! OMG OMG!!!! OMG again!!!

  2. P.S: I need a swimming pool on the roof! I need some tanning!

  3. Talk about long naps! They are better than sleeping, yeeeheee!
    7aleema 9ara7a got what she wanted, everyone is literally talking about her I don’t think she cares if it good or bad, as long as they are talking….Smart Ayy

    A7laa shay TV shows wise, 6ash ma6ash- crazy hilarious…

    I too want the whole house to turn into a gigantic pool “sigh”
    keep swimming!

  4. what do i do in my down time? a lot of things actually … down time is very rare -_-

  5. FReej o BES!!!!

    Wain sleep I woke up at 6am today!

  6. Mashala 3alaich!! Noom il 3awafy babe ;)

    Imbarak 3alaich il shahar (again ;p)

    I want a swimming pool on the roof also!!!!!!!

  7. hahaha i loved the scene when Abood Zakhoh was holding a cat and complaining that it kept saying “Meow” and Um Khamas goes: “Akeed betgool Meow.. shino tabeeha etgooooool “EMbaaaaa33?!!” LOL

    And I’ll have to agree with the swimming pool on the roof thing.. shar6 u have a very tall house so nobody sees u sunbathing lol

    Having a swimming pool in the living room would be awkward, imagine being late for work and running down the stairs, then u trip and fall in the swimming pool.. when u FINALLY change and go to work, u can’t really use the excuse “I fell in the swimming pool ili bil living room”..

  8. chikapappi : You could do it if you put your mind to it hehe just ignore everything around you and sleep, it’s easy lol! And yeah you should think outside the box in regards to Halima! And I want one in my living room easier!

    Blue Dress : Swimming pools in our hot weather ugh that would be heaven just to dip our feet in it hehe and I guess she got what she wanted.

    Laialy_q8 : Down time is for sleeping LOL! :P

    Marzouq : Awww I told you, you shouldn’t have promised anyone lol ;P Then you could’ve slept all that you want!

    Chirp : Alla e3afeech hehe and 3alaina o 3alaish.. Of course we all want the swimming pool now :P

    Swair : But it would be cool to actually have it in the living room, imagine old ladies visiting and just slipping on a puddle of wet water and falling in with everything hahahaha!