Two Things I Hate About Nokia

September 15, 2007  |  Uncategorized

Okay currently there are just two things that make me hate Nokia so much! And that is the low cheap quality of the phones and the low and cheap quality of the operating system which hangs most of the time.  Yes everyone who has told me this before and I have ignored them, please take a seat and avoid saying “I told you so” because I might end up smashing your head against the wall.  But you know that I still love you guys :)

So to further illustrate why I hate my Nokia N76 I would like to give Exhibits A and B!


Exhibits A & B in the same picture.  Look at what happened to my screen, it was busted on Thursday I came back home, I had my phone in my jeans pocket, as I was taking off my jeans it dropped like maybe a few cm’s away from the floor and it was on a carpet nonetheless I didn’t think that I should check it out, but when I went back upstairs that evening and saw it I was like WOAH! And it made me cry a bit.  The other thing took a while to happen, the peeling of the aluminum or whatever that is :/


Up close and personal of the Busted screen! I hate it I hate it!

Anywho, a heads up for all of you faithful readers is that I will be launching a new look by tonight and I can’t wait since this one is the best one I’ve had YET! I mean seriously you’ll be blown away with it!  Trust me!  This is my way of dealing with a relaxing era hehe.

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  1. Woah.. oo hatha 3al carpet! lo 3ala ceramic?!

  2. mine is fucking annoying too! I hate the N76 with a passion now!

    I called up Nokia and I’ve to send it to them to fix, I bet they’ll blame all the problems on me! I didn’t even drop it!

    Lets boycott them and move to Sony Ericcson

  3. Hii Jackie ,
    why are you still using Nokia :/ ..
    im an aften reader for ur site and mashalah you’re smart and cool .. u dont need a dump phone as nokia ! ..

    if you like nokia so much .. get the ones that arent Nseries .. they’re much better and smaller if you like small sized phones .. there is one “7500” check it out .. its about 80 kd and it looked different than the usuall nokias

    but my advice .. wait few days and the sony ericsson will come up with the new K850i .. it has a 5 mp camera .. and a motion sensor ..and the cool operating system of SE ;D i asked albarak the owner of Sony Ericsson in kuwait and they say its gonna be there few days soon ..

    sony ericsson gives smart phones ..
    Nokia gives fancy looking with dull operating systems :s

    that’s it .. thanks :D
    hope i helped in something ..

  4. Nokia phones are too sensitive & soft! :razz: Sony Ericsson phones rock! My SE w810i falls down every single day for almost a year and it’s still working fine with me, nothing happens to it other than the tinny scratches.

    I used to be a big fan of Nokia phones but when I had my first Sony Ericsson I changed my mind about Nokia and said I would never buy a Nokia phone again!

  5. Ollaa seriously! I hate Nokias.. Mine – Samsung, must’ve fell like a gazillion time – mshallah 3aleih – nada, nothing – not a scratch.. time to change

  6. My Nokia N90 has fallen down countless times on hard surfaces from asphalt, to wood, and to ceramic tiles. The N90 doesn’t have a vibrating option available, and many assume the reason is because of the Carl Zeiss camera that comes with the phone. The vibrating mechanism would probably damage the delicate innards of the camera or so they say.

    Yet my phone has endured many blows to the top of the camera and to all sides of the phone. It still works perfectly. I don’t think Nokia uses cheap materials on their phones, however your phone model in particular seems to consist mainly of plastic as opposed to having metal sheets on the phone’s body.

    As for the peeling, even the steering wheels of cars that have buttons with icons (volume control, cruise control, etc.) peel away. Someone I know has a Volkswagen Touareg SUV and one of the buttons has been completely peeled away.

    Looks like a big TV in your basement there.

  7. yeeeeeeeeeey ^_^ a new look

  8. I’m going to go ahead and say…. I TOLD YOU SO!!!

    stick to Sony Ericsson.. so much better right now! I like the Nokia N Series but the Sony Ericsson is just more stable with long term use!

  9. Swair : Oh well they’ve lost their quality!

    ananyah : I’m switching to SE but waiting for the next paycheck and the release of the W910 SE.

    BeDoOr : Thanks I actually have made up my mind to quit Nokia and I will soon but thanks nonetheless for the advice :)

    Amjad : I am still a big Nokia fan but they are losing me as a consumer, and I have always wanted to make a switch but it’s hard I keep fearing for myself :(

    chikapappi : LOL Yeah :(

    Vagabond : I used to have the N90 and yes it went through hell and still lasted, what I am trying to say though is that their recent phones have deteriorated in terms of quality that’s why lots of things are messing up in their latest phones. And so that’s what I was complaining about not the older phones. And in terms of the Big TV that’s my Desktop screen and not the tv :P

    Laialy_q8 : Yeah I can’t wait to launch it :(

    Marzouq : And yet I always feel like smashing your head when you tell me I told you so :( I am waiting for that SE I hope to get it soon.

  10. LOL! Yeaa Sony Ericsson is doing good these days.. not to mention they are releasing a new kind of Mobiles soon better check them out ;)

  11. Love the new look!

    I don’t think that happened to it because it dropped. Maybe from the heat or humidity :/ It is a sign to get a new phone ;p

  12. Wer3Y : They are and I will not to worry :)

    N. : I dunno walla :/ Probably!

  13. SONY ERRICSON juju yalla hun! i think nokia bit ur ass enough already!

  14. princess : It did didn’t it hehe I am just waiting for the release of a phone in the next two weeks and then jumping the boat.