Unveiling: Smashing Jacqui

September 16, 2007  |  Blog News

I have worked endlessly today to launch a new look for myself since I felt that everyone (2 people actually on Safat) had the same look as I did but with a different modification.  And as good as the old theme was I still felt something is missing, plus it broke in certain spots.  This new one however is supposed to be the ONE! Just like our endless search for Mr. Right I think I have found Mr. Theme Right! And I think that this one is a winner.  Some minor changes are going to be done to it but that is saved for later, for now I would like you all to enjoy my Smashing New Theme in the name of “Smashing Jacqui!”


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I am a Kuwaiti Apple and gadget girl freak, who gets bored of her blog layouts so much that I change them like I crazy. Currently I work in a newspaper and if you don't see me around I'm being sucked into my job reviewing TV Shows and APPS! This is my space where I vent and release everything, welcome to it.


  1. i lurve ittttttttt its HAWT!

  2. mashallaaaaaaaaah! Congrats again – you do this often :P

    I like this one much much better – you have outdone yourself girl :)

    I LIKE! who’s the cool chick on the couch :P

  3. Very nice… its weird ;p

  4. nice work, i like it :mrgreen:

  5. ananyah : I lurve it too! It’s totally me! Really I can’t believe how much it resembles me!

    chikapappi : Hehehe thanks I know, I finally found a nice chick to put on the couch and now you guys get to see it! It took a lot of work but in the end was worth it!

    Blue Dress : What’s weird about it? Tell me Tell me!

    Mansour : Thanks Thanks :P

  6. wow! great there! I love it!

  7. all together now: FLIPPIN’ AMAZING!!!!!
    sorry i was cooking actually i still am … hehe
    i love the little Jackie on the coach ^_^

  8. my bloggy is up now too ;p

  9. Oooo! It’s amazing to see it up and running!! I love that there’s a mini-you on the couch up there!!!! All hail the mighty Juju!

  10. Moey : Thanks Thanks I love it too! :)

    EXzombie : Thanks :)

    Laialy_q8 : LOL Yeah don’t I look purty!

    Casttroِ : Why the shock LOL! Heheh and thanks :)

    ananyah : You just had to steal my thunder didn’t you? :P LOL!

    Sou :Now you can actually feel that there is a soul writing here right?

    N. : Merci :D

    shopa : Me too I like!

  11. ohhhhhh i love it…….. especially that twit on the couch :p

  12. Mabrouk, looks good, I like how you had to still put in a couch ;) Good stuff.

  13. just my opinion, bes the picture eshway yabeelha ta3deeel…
    the rest of the layout fits… bes i meant weird cause its different “as in good different ” than the ones i usually see ;p

    so its all good .

  14. It’s peaceful. Congrats on another job well done ;)
    P.S. I still have to see you!

  15. They should lock you in the insane asylum for changing your template so much!

  16. Very nice!!! I’m with Purg! loool!

  17. hehehe laa2 i didnt *sniffles*

  18. princess : She looks hot doesn’t she? :P LOL! Hehehe

    Patrick Semaan : Thanks thanks hehe :) I had to give it an extra personalized touch :P

    Blue Dress : Cool, I fixed the picture a bit more I think it flows better now :) Your input is well appreciated :)

    Tooomz : I still have to see you too! We should arrange something or wait until after Eid

    purgatory : But whyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

    Marzouq : No No No No! I don’t want to go to REHAB!

    ananyah : Yes yes yes you did!