Work at 8:30PM!

September 16, 2007  |  Uncategorized

You know what sucks so much! Is that you have work starting at 8:30PM! And lasting all the way until 10:30pm, and here I thought I was going to finally have a break this Ramadan, and the idiots go and start giving us afternoons just because another so called Bank is going to have Evening Shifts! I mean seriously when are they going to bloody start thinking for themselves!


Oh and up until last week we were hearing that there won’t be an Evening shift, and today at 1:30PM they announce that all branches that were assigned the Evening have to attend work! Meaning you have no choice! What oh what have I done to deserve this?!

Update:  Due to some issues with mother, where I was forbidden to enter the house if I went to work this evening, I was forced to stay home :) Do enjoy the rest of this post.

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  1. Tell me about it, this 8.30 routine is killing me.

  2. work has consumed and robbed you of your life, seriously

  3. awwwwwwwwwwwww at least u dont have to go into work ^_^

  4. well what can you do (T_T)/

  5. Works well for you I guess

  6. Moey : It sucks!

    Laialy_q8 : It has hasn’t it?

    ananyah : But not this way, I would rather choose not to go rather than be forced not to go you know!

    TAT : Nothing!

    purgatory : Aha

    chikapappi : Not really

  7. Ah, Allah e3enech!! Good thing you didn’t go.

  8. I know I left a comment! :/ plz tell me it is showing up, I seem to be having problems getting my comments up on wordpress sites..

  9. why would she get upset by you going to work? It’s work! and work is important

  10. So called bank? ;P
    It’s been a while since we’ve had Mommy drama.

  11. shopa : Well she doesn’t believe work should exceed 8:30pm in terms of working hours, and well what can I say, for all the open-mindedness that she had, she is still close minded in things and more than traditional :/ That goes for almost all of my family :s

    Tooomz : Yes yes and you know who I’m talking about :P

  12. hmmmm u meant us (the other bank) :wink: loool