Al-Jarida’s Poor Delivery Service

September 20, 2007  |  Irritated, Pissed Off

For once I am going to take a page out of other people’s books and start to blow off some steam regarding the following newspaper. Recently we noticed the launch of a new nespaper called “Al Jarida” one that will apparently provide us with a fresh outlook at the current news going on around the world. But what I am about to blow off some steam about its poor delivery service. True, they are offering a free subscription to many different homes but it isn’t supposed to be this way! Al Jarida you are making me cry!


My current problem with them is that they think that due to their “Free” service that they don’t really need to care about their customers and their satisfaction, they installed their weird circular box in front of our door a few weeks back and that was supposed to solve the dilemma to where they would deliver the newspaper. But apparently they are hiring some new guys who think they are all that when it comes to delivering the newspaper, they might as well be like the guy below!


What happens every morning is that NEVER HAVE I SEEN THE NEWSPAPER IN ITS BOX! I always wake up and get dressed, leave the house and head to my car noticing the newspaper either in the middle of the pavement behind the bumpers of our cars! Or I find the newspaper stuck on the windsheild underneath the wipers! On either my car or mom’s and sometimes dad’s car and it was shocking coz everyday I am playing the game of “Where’s the Newspaper!” it’s not as if your newspaper is filled with gemstones, it’s just a typical space filler, filled with ads or not that important news, hell I can get any other newspaper and I won’t need this particular one!

Why am I irked? Well today I have had it! I was walking to my car, I got in, started it and was about to back out of my driveway where I noticed that the newspaper was on the rear windshield! Above my trunk! I mean seriously what the hell! Who do they hire as a delivery boy! Does he have a PhD degree in irking the customers! What the hell! Why the hell did they install those ugly looking boxes to deliver the newspaper when they DON’T USE IT AT ALL!

What I want to be done! Is for the idiots to actually do something about this! Either use the box that they put up or not deliver it at all, I am sick of picking that paper off of my car and shoving it in the box because I don’t have the time to read it or take it with me anywhere!

Al-Jarida I HATE YOU!

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  1. I think whoever delivers ur newspaper is exactly like the paper-boy (who is incredibly cute, btw) :p

    hmm… maybe if u install that ugly round newspaper on the back of ur car, they’ll actually put the newspaper at the door? u know, since they do the opposite already lol

  2. I want bunnny. Yesterday I saw one hopping in mamsha, I was worried the cats might attack her. I wanted to pick her up and take her home with me but am too scared. it was chubbby white bunny. I wantttt one!

  3. Jacqui give the dude a “Bunny”! biij!

    I saw these boxes around bas we never asked for it anyways… yeah I guess they’ve got poor service OOOORRRR your next door neighbors are taking your paper ! :)

  4. Funny thing really. Although they keep calling to make sure it is delivered properly. They had install a box for My bro in law without his approval. They called me and asked do you receive it? I said yes but can you make sure you put it in front door not side one?

    She said yes sure. After that I don’t remember seeing the newspaper again! I didn’t check behind my car and all though. I gotta play along ;/

  5. read it online a7san, in pdf

  6. now thats a major problem … good for you for speaking up

  7. I’m fed up with calling them and asking for a BOX!

    I even paid for it, at least I deserve a box. Every morning I find the paper on my car. their excuse is “we are still wwaiting on the boxes”

  8. LOL! Ok you would have said nothing if it wasn’t on your car! hahaha

  9. He was probably aiming for the box, but missed… heh!

  10. well at least you are getting it , i have been waiting for a month for it
    and they called me twice about it asking if its getting to me or not

  11. :lol:
    عندك في البيت 6 جرايد كل يوم ما شفتك تفتحين صفحة ….المشكلة في ان سيارتك صارت الصندوق اللى يحطون الجريدة فيه
    ماعليه بابا غيري مكان سيارتك راح ترتاحين

  12. You read NeoNazi propoganda???

  13. We have a box as well but the newspapers never go in but rather find their way in between our gate handles or under our car wipers.

  14. I think you need a vacation, your too stressed out.

    What happened to the emails?!

  15. Swair : That could be a solution but I still hate them!

    d : Aww bunnies are cute hehe I used to have 4 hehe don’t remember what happened to them LOL!

    chikapappi : No they’ve got a poor service LOL!

    Bashar : See and that’s why they suck!

    Moey : I don’t read newspapers for their news, I look at their Ads and that’s about it LOL!

    Laialy_q8 : And check out how many are facing the same issue!

    EniGma : No use you’d think it’ll make a difference.

    shopa : Hehehe even if you get the box they will still put it on your car!

    Marzouq : LOL Maybe, maybe not!

    N. : I still don’t think so :P I think he means to do it to irritate me!

    forzaq8 : Hehehe oh that’s not counting the days we don’t get it LOL!

    davinci : I do daddy, when I want to read the advertisements LOL! Hehehe and yea I know :( I can’t change the location of my car they’ll still follow me!

    purgatory : Nope :/

    Vagabond : See we need to complain don’t you think?!

    Chirp : I do need one, I am booking it for January though, and I was desk-less yesterday. Plus its ugh in the mornings! I hate customers!

  16. I wanna add too..that they have lot of typing mistakes not to mention which is more important they write false info sometimes :???:

  17. MAZE : Oh well that’s one of our newest newspapers :) I think they meant to release it as a cleaning rag rather than something useful!