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September 21, 2007  |  Apple, Hot, My New Toys, New Products

You know when you get tongue-tied from all the excitement you don’t know where to begin or what to do?! Well that’s how I am feeling right now! You see I got an early birthday gift from a friend who wishes to remain anonymous, and the gift was something I wanted! The latest iPod nano and in RED nonetheless, my favorite color! Once I received it I was utterly shocked and speechless by how tiny it was packaged! And how thin and amazing it looks! I think Apple really really outdid themselves in this one, not only with the design (which of course was made fun of and called ‘Tubby’ the nano) but also in regards to all the technical features where the screen is much more durable, the battery outlasts its set time frame and the GUI is AMAZING! Cover Flow looks amazing, Videos look hot, pictures look cute! Hell the display is just mind-blowing! All I have to say is Thank you Thank you Thank you for this wonderful gift! I love it and now I can look at my 1G iPod nano and laugh at him pointing out how old he is now, and how tall he looks with not enough “umpfh” power! I actually was showing my Uncles & Aunts the Generations of the nano at Thursday gathering, since I had my 1st Gen, sister had her (RED) 2nd gen, and I had the (RED) 3rd generation!


I now leave you with some pictures, of course this is going to be my latest toy until my lovely sisters Danielle and Gina get me the iPod Touch with a personalized Engraving (one which I told them to choose for me without telling me because I want to be surprised! and one that they will ship back home with Daddy when he goes to them in the next few weeks!) Ugh I’m an Apple Freak!


My RED Nano on its back!


Upside down – flipped out- cartwheel View


Bird View


Side View


Open Sesame!


I’m so lonely! I need somebody to hold me in their hands!


The contents have shrunk from 4th Generation iPods! I still remember mine! Hell I still have it!


I’ve got me a new love!


Look at how thin and graceful this beautiful thing!


I’m bringing Sexy Back, Yea!


A close-up of the it’s sexy back…


A small comparison between my new RED Nano (called Red Satin) and my Sony DSC-T10 (called Damien).

And finally an image taken from a Flickr set that shows you all the new nano colors as well as the shuffle colors is shown below :)


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  1. yaaaaaaaaaaaay its tubby and hawt :D

  2. So SO Soooooooooooo HOT! 3alaich bil 3afyaaaaaaa

  3. don’t you have one already? if yes … what did you do with them. I really like this one.. but i don’t know what to do with my old one.

  4. wow, what an amazing birthday gift! :razz:

    Mabrooook girl, it really looks amazing! Just take care of it! :wink:

  5. yalla happy birthday in advancce, oo enjoy it.
    and it does look rather cute. but i still disagree ;p.

  6. Aww that’s awfully nice! I think I know who gave it to you =P 3alaich ib alf 3afia. Make sure you review it so we know if it’s worth the buy =)

  7. weshalem galba! lol 3alaich bil 3afya ;p

  8. mabrook 3alech bel 3afiya, it actually looks better than the previous pictures I have seen! Red is hot!

  9. Congrats… my birthday is on Jan 13th…. I want the peachy one pls :P

  10. Wow what a thoughtful present! I wish I had friends like yours!!!!

  11. Wow I’m so envious! What beautiful fingers you have!

  12. Mabrook…

    I think you are overdosing on Apples and need to calm down! lol!

  13. I got the red nano as an early gift too

  14. ananyah : Totally!

    Chirp : Alla e3afech.. I’ll pass by sometime and show you! :P

    Judy Abbott : Oh I was thinking of making an Apple Room, with my own Museum of the different generations of stuff I’ve got LOL! But I still have my old iPods, some I pass on to Sister #4 and some I keep!

    Amjad : Thanks hehe :P And I always do take care of my gadgets!

    Laialy_q8 : Thanks dear :)

    Blue Dress : Thanks hehe and it’s still not my birthday yet, December is when I turn old!

    Peaches : Inshalla hehe and Thanks again hehe :)

    Swair : Alla e3afeech :)

    N. : Alla e3afeeek and yeah it does, the red looks more magenta red though or madre a weird shade of red than solid red hehe… It’s cool!

    chikapappi : Which peachy one? :P

    Marzouq : Alla ebarek feek and the day I quiet or calm down is when I die hehe :P

    pearls : Aww cool we’re sisters then? :P Nano sisters! What do you think of it?!

  15. I fell in love with it from first sight and happy b-day in advance

  16. My eyes playing mind tricks :P AM GETTING the “Black Beauty” WOHOOOOOOOO

  17. Alf Mabrouk…now u made me change my mind bout my ipod too :wink:

  18. Mabrouk :P I Love red too

  19. pearls : Aww I’m glad hehe :)

    chikapappi : Aww coool, I named mine Red Satin :) I don’t know why though LOL! It just came to my mind!

    MAZE : How so?

    Moey : Alla ebarek feeek, yeah red is amazing and hot!