I am not a Morning Person

September 30, 2007  |  My Life

I am not and nor will I ever be a morning person, it really is tough for me to wake up mornings and feel energetic enough to get out of bed and head out to work or wherever I should go.  I don’t deal well with people in the morning, but oh well!

I want my pillow again! I need my pillow again.  I think once I finish work I’ll be grabbing that pillow and bed once more! I just want to sleep 24 hours straight with no interruptions whatsoever.  Not even for food!

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  1. Tell me about it! I am a morning person and I want to get back to bed!

  2. Loll. Allah e3eeen actually you can be a morning person.
    Walla I used to be the same. Not anymore since I started sleeping less
    Like 5 to 4 hours a day with the occasional naps.
    At the begging it sucks then when you actually get used to it
    You’ll have energy every morning, yeeeeha; p

  3. Allah i3eeeenich! INSHALA 2 months and no more customers!

    You could be a morning person .. think positively :P “The Secret” LOL

    I dunno why I’m energetic today (i dont wanna jinx it, its only 11)

  4. Dudette, NO SECRET! No good! Just take the negative thought from your mind & try to take some days off woman!

    *chika passes fulffy pillow over* :P

  5. Hey Jacqui
    This thakkaratni feech

    Hope you’re in bed by now. :)

  6. I don’t sleep that much!! I love sleep but I don’t get enough sleep! I want to do other things rather then sleep! Like watch a ton of shows/anime! Then I want to ride! I want to read and a million other things, but sleep is a necessity!

  7. I’m only a morning person if I have not slept yet :P but if you willing to at least try to be best thing is try to sleep at say like 12 and wake up at 7 and do it everyday till it becomes a part of your system and your body will get used it only drawback is if you mess up and say sleep at 5 you will still wake up at 7

  8. Laialy_q8 : I’m a lass!

    N. : LOL Bed calls me everyday!

    Blue Dress : But but I need more sleep!

    Chirp : Inshalla alla yesma3 minich I think dealing with employees rather than customers is easier at least, in the end we’re all colleagues and no matter what things can be worked out plus I like not being disturbed when I’m working! I hate disruptions!

    chikapappi : It doesn’t help, I had that in the beginning then it disappeared!

    Shurouq :Awww it’s amazing thanks hehe I think I need a treat but then I need to save up for my States trip!

    Marzouq : No I want sleep! I prefer sleep over food!

    TAT : But there are lots of things you want to do and the day is too short that’s my problem!

  9. i’m completely in the opposite side,, i am a morning person whose full of energy in the day but at 9-10pm i would stall,, everyday i wake up at 5:30am for work with no alarms (not during ramadhan)

  10. vampire : Well that tells you our differences hehe I can’t wake up that early LOL! Hehe but oh well!

  11. i know how u feel.. am a zombie until i have my morning coffee so u can imagine how hard it is during Ramadan! I actually have my coffee for suhoor :P

  12. Fonzy : LOL! But I don’t drink coffee the zombie-ness is from waking up too early!