It’s October!

October 2, 2007  |  Books, My Life, Random, Rants, TV, Work

Oh my god I just realized that it’s October! And that we are nearing the end of the year! Can you believe it! I mean seriously just yesterday we were welcoming the year 2007 and now we’re ending it! 2 months left until we finish 2007 and move onto 2008! Less than 2 months until I turn 24 :shock:! 2 Months until I complete one year at my current job and I think this was an accomplishment! Since I was driven nuts by lots of aspects of it! 2 Months until I shift into a different department! Wow just wow!

Time sure does fly by doesn’t it? My days are getting shorter, but I just started reading to rekindle my love of reading and just because I love a good romance story. And remember how I mentioned that I’m not a morning person. Well I have been fighting with myself daily I swear it’s an ongoing battle to get to work! Really I mean it! For example, every morning I wake up and I think to myself, I need today as a day off, and I convince myself that I’m going to take it off but then eventually I get up and dress and get ready for work postponing that day of relaxation to some other date. Problem is I am worried if I take a day off now then I won’t be able to take my month off later on when I want to head out to the States. Then I think to myself, our Eid Holiday is coming up soon so I shouldn’t really take more time off, I will relax then.

Did you guys know that some companies are giving their employees a gift for the last 10 days of Ramadan in which they get to go to work from 10am to 1:30pm? I mean 3 hours and a half of a work day! That’s just simply heaven! I want that! Sad thing is that people go out more than they should in those last 10 days of Ramadan, and whine more then. Oh listen to me whine I think I want to go back to bed and finish that novel of mine that I’m reading.

P.S. I’m in love with technology! I just can’t help but love it so much seriously I do!

P.P.S. It’s also Breast Awareness Month so just spread the word and help Sou promote her awareness! Which reminds me Desperate Housewives was a tough episode but great comeback! Promising Season!

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  1. Eee wala il ayam tarketh! ma9adig ina we’re already in november. For me time is passing kinda slower than usual cuz I’m waiting for mid december to come and it seems like ages away.

    Which private companies gave their employees that?! I want!! omg sounds amazing!

  2. “3alamat youm il gyama” quoted by mumz
    7adda mo 9ij its scary actuallyy walla days are flying
    We should do something!

    I cant wait till the bigger signs start… oh my god its 2:10

  3. 3alamat youm el qeyama… leish elnakad! Go pray Blue :P

    Well yeah Jax, companies tend to be more flexible during these 10 days – I took OFF! WOOOHO! :)

    I don’t like Technology bas Bill Gates because of the marriage thing !! God, I sound desperate!

  4. Things are flying by for sure! It has been an interesting year!

    Yeah stick it out so you can take your month off, if you keep doing well in the bank you will not be able to take a month off again, I don’t think there is a job that you can take a month off of!

    And nobody is working in Ramadan is working and its driving me nuts!!!

  5. I’m actually happy that we’re moving on to the next year.. 2006 was a friggin’ disaster for me, and 2007 was slightly good since I was building up my life again after that 2006 trainwreck…
    Enshalla Enshalla Enshalla this upcoming year’ll be so much better.. I am happier and loving my job (i’m going to be completing a year too!) and my girls (twirlies) and my other girls (students lol)

    Yalla, enshalla hal sena et3adi 3ala khair bs..


  7. The way time passes is REALLY scary!!! Don’t scare me, whenever someone says it’s 3alamt yoom el qiyama I feel uneasy. I know but I don’t like people mentioning it!

    Technology sometimes scares me, I don’t like people relying on it too much.

  8. Huh BLUE you can’t wait for the bigger ones :???: :shock: I am going hide behind you when that happens lol, if I am alive that is!!

  9. Aww, thanks for helping out hun! :**

  10. ur turning 24…am turning 32…loooool which one is better!!

  11. every time I feel like not going to work I say if you did it yesterday you can do it today see I kinda like challenge myself. It’s like I’m pathetic if I cant beat me but its me so its hard to beat kinda thing anyways think you get it

  12. Chirp : LOL My aunt’s new work place hehe and yeah I know what you mean time does fly by fast as well as slow sometimes it’s just crazy!

    Blue Dress : LOL You want them to start?

    Old chikapappi : Lucky you! LOL

    Marzouq : Actually we can take whatever days we need off, depending if there is a replacement for that person. Like currently I am the extra hand at the branch I’m working at so if I want to take a month off, it won’t be hurting them, they’ll still be full staffed.

    Swair : Enshalla…

    Laialy_q8 : Yaaay!

    :::shayouma::: : Hehehe yeah people like to scare us don’t they!?

    Sou : No problemo…

    MAZE : Depends on how you look at it hehe you’re young for a guy I’m old for a girl in terms of what society defines as age worthy.

    TAT : I semi-do the same but then again it sucks sometimes! I keep thinking that if I want to take a day off then why not add it to the weekend hehe so I go like ugh take Monday off then go back it’ll suck, why not wait until Wednesday and take Thursday off but then Thursday comes and I’m still at work.

  13. ur 24 and one year at the bank… just think where u will be in 5 years.. i think u will be managing a branch ;)

    Time does pass so fast in Kuwait… i dont know why… less than a month ago marked my two years in Kuwait and i still feel like i just moved here!

  14. I HATE 2007 !!! i HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that felt good.

  15. Fonzy : I don’t want to manage a branch, I hate branches I’m shifting to another position however in the bank but that’ll be on the new year! Hehe and yeah I know what you mean about time flying fast!

    Fantasia : I know babes, I know how you feel bs shensawe ba3ad! 2007 is really weird!

  16. ur still young! its the spirit that counts :smile: