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October 9, 2007  |  Apple, Creative, Designs, Hot, My Life, Random

… the Eid break!  No matter how short or how crazy it’s going to be I’m looking forward to it because I can catch up on some sleep and rest my poor over-abused self!

It sucks having to just go day in and day out dealing with alot of things and not have a small amount of time to yourself, it even sucks more when you can’t enjoy your sleep anymore it becomes a matter of just sleeping enough to pass the neccessity for sleeping time.  If I ever made sense about that!

Anywho here are somethings I am checking out:

Sony Ericsson is coming out with a “Havanna” Edition for their new phones.  The W910i and W880i in Havanna Bronze are just HOT!

You have to love those Mac Fanboys who spend some time creating their renditions of how they want the products to look like.  This is their rendition of the MacBook Pro Touch!

Look at it’s beauty, would you jump to buy one of those?

This is what they think a MacBook Thin would look like! And honestly if it looks like that I would jump on board and buy one immediately!

The new Macbook Rendition!

And who can forget Blackbook!

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  1. Aywaa, i was searching for these!

  2. MCBOOKS urghhhhhhhh! I waaaaant! phone looks hot!

  3. P1i – blackberry-vertue

  4. eid means i can start waking up early … and actually start getting work done

  5. You should be called gadget :P

  6. Your being ridiculous!!! I would have Apple ban you from getting their products! loooool!

    Everyone needs rest and this Eid Holiday will hit the spot!

  7. hot gadgets! The phones are hot indeed.

  8. i’ve just received an email from SonyEricsson, the k850i is out now! and u came up with the Havana ! ;\ u got me confused :P

  9. Apple currently holds a patent for collapsible ports. If legitimate, it would mean that Apple can design a laptop thinner than the thickness of the USB port. Don’t hold high expectations though, optical drives and batteries still cover a large volume of space within the enclosure.

  10. OoOooH I want the Sony Ericsson fones!!!! when are they coming out?!

  11. Wow the phones are hot! As for the macbooks, i still prefer my imac :P

  12. My trusty PowerBook still has a lot of mileage till its worn out. I want a Mac Pro and 30inch display. :mrgreen:

  13. Oh and happy eid… have a great one.

  14. Happy Eid.. your webupgrade .. looks great :-)

  15. Go SE! I just got a T650 and I’m loving it! :mrgreen:

    That apple thing, I think it’s comming soon:


    (sorry for the long link, I don’t speak HTML :razz: ) In short, this patent hints at having a multi touchpad a la iphone.

  16. Blue D : What are those exactly? :P the Macbook Mock ups?

    chikapappi : They all are hot aren’t they :P

    Casttro : Nah not my cup of tea :s

    Laialy_q8 : Hehehe Eid means no more late nights for me :( and late waking ups!

    Purgatory : I should shouldn’t I?


    N. : I want a phone I want one now!

    Mansour : No they actually have come out with Havanna Bronze but only for the W880i and W910i and this one other phone but surely not the K850i.

    3baid : I know I read about that but I am dying to see their transition from Plastic to Aluminum. If that happens then screw MacThin I’m going for my true love :P

    Chirp : End of this month :P Let’s be phone buddies!

    Vixen : Hehehe I need a Macbook to be mobile again LOL!

    MacaholiQ8 : I had a Powerbook, needed to join the Intel Cult hehe :P And thanks hon :P

    Rayboy : Hehehe thanks it’s been a while however since I last upgraded :P

    MYK : I am just waiting for that and going I saw the T650 but didn’t like the keys not my cup of tea. Hehehe and oh well I fixed your link :P