Eid Greetings

October 13, 2007  |  Eid, Greetings

Not to join the hoards of bloggers who were posting Eid Greetings these past two days but I thought rather than send a personal message to each and everyone of my friends that I would just post one and get it over with.  Hahaha, sounds like such a hassle doesn’t it?  Well let’s get to it, now that the holy month of Ramadan is over let us celebrate the return of consuming and stuffing ourselves with food in daylight and public by sacrificing those yummy sheeps, wait I don’t think there is such a word as sheeps, but oh well.  Let the killing begin!

P.S. To those of you who have sent me the wonderful Eid SMS’s I am thankful, I just don’t feel like typing one out so this is my response to you guys :P

P.P.S. I am going to be writing a major TV Shows Review Sheet featuring what I’m watching and what I love and don’t love from those new series!

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  1. hathaa kosh kharoof bs el khaa6 ely t7t 7lga shenoo ?? saksoka y3ni :)

  2. Kel 3am o enty bkheir :)

  3. imabarak 3alich il shahar. oo ayamich sa3eeda

  4. 3eedich Embarak! I’m enjoying Kenichi like no other right now! In less then a week I’m at episode 25! This anime is fantastic!

    GG is also a great show and I’m saving chuck up! I know its good I just want to be able to watch a good show later! hehehe

  5. chuck chuck chuck!! :shock:

  6. Kel 3am wentai eb khait :)

  7. Wow you’ve been blogging since 2004!

    W agol 3an nafsy nerd b3d :/

    3eedich mbarak!

  8. Casttro : Yeah he’s stylish :P

    chikapappi : Wenty Eb se7a o Salama :)

    Laialy_q8 : Thanks you too :)

    Blue Dress : 3alaina o 3alaich o Ayamich Sa3eeda hehe although I think you were lost a bit :P

    3baid : Ayamik Sa3eeda :)

    Marzouq : Ayamik Sa3eeeda and I know it was amazing still is but I haven’t watched past episode 22 I believe hehe I just stopped for some reason or another and GG is always great but I found the show that knocked that one out of the ballpark!

    Nonaw : LOL! Lots of Chucks this season!

    Ms Loala : Wentay ib Se7a o Salama :)

    Mishref : Hehehehe yeah I’ve been blogging for 3 years now entering my 4th soon wow I’m old LOL!