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October 14, 2007  |  Reviews, TV

So a while back I wrote a review of 3 of the newest shows and I hope that helped some of us who download their TV Shows and I thought why not continue what I started back then.  Here is a link to the previous article. [Link]


This show is your Montagues vs. Capulets story, without the romance but with the betrayal and all.  A Latin-American show about two feuding families the Duques and the Samuels, the battle between rum and sugar and the feuds between the families.  I really love the way this show is shot, it’s kind of tragic yet easy to absorb, and it’s most definitely filled with great actors and stories.  The stories flow so don’t look for solving small mysteries like “Chuck” does.  I hope this show gets picked up because I want more of my Latino Men!


Pushing Daisies

What would happen to you if at the tender age of 9 you discovered that with the touch of your fingers you could bring back the dead and a second touch can send that living thing back to the eternal sleep?  You would be freaked out wouldn’t you?  That’s what poor Ned felt when he discovered he could bring back things to life and put them back.  In a fairy-tale-ish TV Show we get to see something new, different than those shows of action, CIA, mysteries and such.  We get to meet a pie-maker who works with a Private Investigator in solving mysteries by bringing back the dead victims and asking them who did it?  It’s such a cute show and one that has you sucked in by the amazing scenary, for some reason it reminds me of “The Cat in the Hat” I think the one where Mike Myers was the Cat in the Hat.  The graphics is amazingly done, and the actors are adorable.  I am in love with Ned and Chuck and I can’t help but get sucked into their story.   If you’re in the market for something weird yet fun and enjoyable then be sure to pick up this show.  This one I’m giving a full set of stars because really you can’t go wrong in any of it!


Dirty Sexy Money

How many of you areguilty of enjoying those Soap Operas a bit too much, that watched the Young & the Restless and cherished those days?  Well now we’ve got our own version of a Soap Opera.  This drama tells the story of Nick George an idealistic lawyer who happens to be the son of one famous lawyer whose clients were the world’s most infamous family in Fiction Television History “The Darlings”.  Nick grew up with his father and saw how that family took his father away from him and so Nick strove to be anything but what his dad became.  Unfortunately his dad’s untimely death made him the next lawyer of the Darling family and now Nick is on beck and call to serve the spoiled brats of Tripp Darling.  This show has its share of fun comedic moments as well as its dramatic scenes.  You can’t help but love to watch what they’ll bring to the table each week and you can’t help but fall in love with any of those characters.  You have the most currupt family in history and one man who has to keep them all in line and avoid public embarrassments.  I’m loving it and I don’t know why, it’s just so delicious.  I guess we’ve got a winner here but we’ll see on whether this show gets picked up for a full season or not.  For now I’ll just give it my rating.


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  1. Am saaaaaaaad! Am gonna go get me a subscription now since my FN connection sux! Glad you’re enjoying your time off girl ;)

  2. The first show I Haven’t heard of but it looks pretty good, Latin men are so hot …
    I was amazed by pushing daisies, 1. I didn’t expect it to be that good 2. Ned is hot!
    I watched a little of Dirty Sexy Money but I just really have no time to add it to my schedule of shows right now -_-

  3. I really do like cane, and I want to watch Dirty Sexy Money! I think it will be very funny for sure!

  4. chikapappi : You should just get better connection you’re missing out on alot!

    Laialy_q8 : Yeah I know what you mean hehe no time but now I’m caught up on everything ;P And I hope you get enough time for the rest!

    Marzouq : It is, it’s crazy and chaotic think GG but with older people and different issues :P

  5. Cane and DSM look interesting though I gotta have a bandwidth battle with my dad since he a CSI and 24 addict. heres Advice for everyone don’t tell your family about torrents… cause everyone would give you a freaking list of what they want. Or be as vague and say download latest action movies!!!

  6. TAT : LOL I don’t introduce parents to new TV Shows they’re content with watching nothing hehe :P And yeah they are nice.

  7. I hate Cane but I like the other 2 shows ;) but you know that already.

  8. Tooomz : Why do you hate Cane?