Break Shenanigans

October 15, 2007  |  My Life, Random

Ever since we were let off work last Thursday I was excited about having some alone time finally and enjoying my break.  And for the first few days I did.

Thursday of course was my Grandma’s gathering day and so after I finished work which took a while to finish I headed out there.  Work seems to be taking a lot of my time, you would think that with Ramadan timings, we would be let out at 2:30 like we’re supposed to but sadly enough that was the case the first week or so but afterwards I kept leaving work either at 3 or even later, some days at 4 and it was just crazy I tell yah!  So I was glad that was over and done with and now I can have my daily glasses of water at work!

Friday wasn’t the first day of Eid for us so I had that day to relax at home and not do anything strenuous.

Saturday the first day of Eid came and I celebrated of course by going over to Grandma’s house and celebrating.  I only have one living Grandma left, may God extend her living days (I think that’s how it is translated) and I had a nice time, we decided to hit Jarir that day with my Aunt but sadly enough I didn’t find a parking and they were the only ones who enjoyed it.  I rather was about to get into a fight with an idiotic Kuwaiti asshole who decided to ignore my blinking lights that indicated me waiting for that parking spot for hours hell he even ignored my yelling at the Indian who wanted to park and wait for the family he dropped and rushed in.  But we’ll see about what happens to that idiot in the future, hope one day he gets hit by lightining!  Yes that is Jacqui the evul one!  Wow that was kind of a long sentence.

Sunday I headed out to the Avenues with Pops and Sister #4 we enjoyed a little bit of GBK and shopped a bit, sadly enough they dont have anything nice out yet and I guess I blame this on the fact that Fall season is ending and Winter season is about to commence Hell it doesn’t feel that way.  Avenues Cinema was open but it looked like more people were window shopping there rather than at the shops.

Monday or today rather I spent at home and I wish I could say I overslept but I didn’t I think I am going to crash soon though after reading a chapter or two of a book or another but that is about it for my little Break.  Not that relaxing but not that chaotic.  However it’s hard to enjoy sleeping in somedays I don’t know why though!

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  1. glad you had a break … by weekend/eid has been spent studying

  2. I’m supposed to be at work now but I called in sick because I really am sick if you dont have time for other things than work try to read “The now habit” by Neil Fiore especially the part about the Unschedule might help you out a bit or something

  3. Well good! no complaining from work :P – I loved the Avenues cinema, looks fancy! o el shops sakka! I hate winter clothes kaakh!

    Enjoy work tomorrow, for AM OFF :P

  4. u sound unhappy, slightly depressed… is it because you miss me :***?
    i love you, and miss you.

  5. Seems like a nice break, its good you enjoyed it! I stayed home most the vacation.

  6. glad you enjoyed it n___n

  7. Laialy_q8 : Well at least it was spent doing something hehe ;P

    TAT : Nah I like reading romances to unwind and I felt sick but I had to go in :/ We’re already short-staffed!

    chikapappi : Hehehe I didn’t go in to the Cinema but I like some Winter clothes its the only season I can wear a suit and not feel like I’m going to expire from the heat!

    your battlefield : Yes I miss you :P

    pearls : Ayamich Sa3eeda Babes :)

    Marzouq : I always stay home hehe that’s a given!

    Vixen : Thanks dear :)