iPod Touch Ordered

October 18, 2007  |  Apple, My Life, My New Toys, Techie

So as I have mentioned before I’ve been wanting the Touch, hell I want all Apple products that have ever been produced but then again no I don’t think so.  My sisters Gina and Danielle have decided to get it for me and I have asked them including Angie or as I like to call her Neece to have something engraved on it that will make me smile when I see it.  They wanted something to engrave sadly enough Apple felt that it was “inappropriate” and therefore we had it changed to the following inscription:

biting friends forever!

love, satan xoxo

Anyhow, yesterday marked the day I placed the order, I hope that it will arrive earlier than the projected date because I can’t seriously wait all the way until Nov 2 for delivery.  Who knows Apple has been known to suprise it’s customers on more than one note.  I love those three including Lulu and I can’t wait to enjoy the maximum out of my Touch!  I will cure the need to have an iPhone with this little sexy device.

Sony Ericsson’s W910 is still not out here in Kuwait however it has been launched in different countries around the world, some give good reviews and others not so good, GSMArena has yet to provide me with one.  Can’t wait until it hits stores here.   Sad thing though is that Barrak’s Site has not mentioned it as “Coming Soon” yet so that’s weird.

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  1. :) take it easy girl! :) LOL @ what you wanted to engrave ! hehehe! mabrouk in advance!

  2. “hell I want all Apple products”

    I’m sure you do XD

  3. Heeeeyaaaaaaaaa, you finally did it! Mabrooooooooooooooook I hope you enjoy it as much as I do enjoy mine! Good luck and if you need any help you know where to ask :lol:
    q8mug admin

  4. Why not get an iPhone ? It’s all that you want and more in one device ! Unless you are like me who tends to get everything apple :lol:

  5. Congrats! Hope you get the best out of and enjoy it.

  6. hahaha like the message

  7. I have had mine for over a month .. its amazing. I hacked it last week to run iPhone applications (Gmaps, Email, Calendar) and installed a RSS reader, PDF viewer, etc.

    Its my new laptop.

  8. You should get an Apple tattoo.

  9. Ooh Mabrook in advance! Looking forward to hearing your review on it, I’m gonna order one soon .. and u coulda changed the word to “effin” or “f*ckin* hehe it wouldve been cooler, but awesome message anyways!

  10. Enjoy, I know you have been wanting that for a while now! lol!

    Now for the macbook slim for you, you have been waiting for that one too! looool!

    What would you do if you had an apple store right next to you, the real one!

  11. chikapappi : Hehehe wait you don’t know what I had in mind to engrave ;p So don’t “assume” ;P But thanks ;P

    3baid : Don’t poke at my armor, I can’t stand there being all exposed :(

    mishaal power_boz : I hope so too hehe I’ll need help Hacking it though, but I am still unsure about whether I hack or not what with WebApps being available and all.

    G-Funk : iPhone it’s too soon for that and I don’t like having my multimedia device with my phone, I don’t move everywhere with my phone sometimes its forgotten deep inside my bag :P

    Laialy_q8 : Alla ebarek feech hon :P

    N. : I hope so too :P I will review it as always :P

    Moey : It is funky isn’t it? :P They’re sweet to me aren’t they?

    K.TheKuwaiti : I am getting it solely to make me whether out the storm until a nice new MacBook is released and then I’ll jump on that bandwagon. Wow I’m turning into an Apple Brat aren’t I? I’ll ask for help if I need to regarding the Hacks.

    Adv : That would be tooo geeky wouldn’t it?

    Muffy : It wasn’t the word Effin hehe and thanks hehe :P I’ll review it as soon as I get it which will be in a week or so. And in regards to what was going to be engraved well let’s just say it rhymes with witch :P

    Marzouq : I would hang out everyday there, hell where I work at right now has a Mac Store but all the way at the other end of the mall hehe I feel much better knowing that I have a fellow friend in the same building. And yeah waiting for the Macbook will be now. The W910 is released but waiting for it to arrive in Kuwait. Let’s hope then this year I get all my wishlist LOL!

  12. People having Ninetndo tattoos are geeky, but Apple logo is chic. Go for it! Embrace your inner geek :grin:

  13. I love how Apple products look .. they’re simply awesome ..

    This company knows how to innovate and think different, and that’s on thing that keeps them rocking all the time ..

    Congrats on the touch .. :)

  14. Adv : Hehehehe you don’t help much tempting me into sinning :P But thanks for the thoughs :P

    Ahmed : Yeah they totally are awesome, their simplicity in design and concept help alot with their sales, you would think Windows was more User-Friendly yet it is Mac that is more User-Friendly in days you can probably learn more about your Mac than you would about your PC. How many of you have options on your PC that you don’t even know about or how to use. And thanks :)

  15. im waitin for the sony ericsson w910 too! its out in the uae apparently and Saudi but yet to be released in Kuwait :(
    although i think the havanna edition wont be released..i believe its exclusive to vodafone in the uk or somethin..

    and i bought the ipod video a month b4 they announced the release of the ipod touch!how frustratin is that?! anyway enjoy it:))) and keep us updated if ur trackin the w910;)