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October 27, 2007  |  My Life, Random

You’ve heard of stress eating, but I guess stress shopping is what defines me most.  I don’t know why but whenever I’m deep down in the pits I prefer to go out and buy something to make me happy again rather than eat alot to feel happy.  I sometimes begin to lose my appetite when I’m really sad which is supposed to be the opposite.  I guess I’m wired the wrong way!  Anyways, yesterday afternoon I went out to Marina Mall with my little sister and met up with my Aunt, her husband, and my two cousins, it was crazy but a ton of fun, we had lunch then shopped a bit.  I got me a nice new Black suit from Zara since I got sick of my old one, and I got me a few new shirts.  It was nice.  However I’m dying absolutely dying for a new pair of heels but Aldo doesn’t seem to cater to my needs I don’t like extra shiny heels nor do I love 6 inch heels, I prefer a modest heel not too high and not too low just something to make me look nice when I wear those suits of mine.  Winter is coming up so suits are going to be back in for me.  Yaay! I need to however shorten some of the pants before I wear them.

Today however, was something else I spent the morning getting pampered.  I needed to feel nice again and lately my hair was stressing me out as well it felt heavy now that the layers have grown out and I’ve got length into it, it’s been a month and a half since my last cut so I went in and had it shortened then taken some of the weight out of it, I realized that when its lighter I tend not to lose as much hair as I do when it’s really heavy on my scalp.  Oh and I also felt the air seep into my scalp for the first time today when the lovely assistant was shampooing my hair.  It was magical.  I loved it.  I met one of my  best friends and I was shocked since it’s been a year since I last saw her.  Lots have changed for her and me in that year but friendships never change much.  It was great though we should arrange something or I will.  Later on it was off to Grandma’s house where I had a nice lunch and spent the day chatting up my Uncle in Law about the joys of a Mac and sharing information about the iPod Touch (which I must mention has arrived in Kuwait this afternoon at 2:07pm which means it’ll be in my hands by tomorrow or the day after yay!).  It was fun, we then moved out into the garden.  I logged in using and was shocked at how adorable it looked and all that jazz that I fell in love with it.

Ugh I hate tomorrow, I don’t wanna go back to my old place.  I’m going to miss my new friends.  Honestly I’ve never been more comfortable at a place than I have at my current one.  Yet I will not change my mind about Retail, I want out and I want out right now!

This is quite long I’ll sign off, might crash a bit and might not who knows.

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  1. If you call in sick you do not have to go ;p

  2. Good luck tomorrow :)

    About stress shopping. I know how it feels, I only had 5KD in my bank account and I spent them to lift me out of the oh-so-crappy mood I’m in.

    I’m broke! *throws confetti in the air*

  3. :) gld you enjoyed – I am a stress shopper too, feels good doesn’t it !?! :)

    Just be relaxed tomorrow babe :*

  4. I lose my appetite when sad as well
    Also, Nine west might have some good sized heels if you don’t mind shopping online

  5. ah shopping therapy THE BEST!

  6. I’m a stress shopper toooo!!!!!!! I also lose my apetite when i’m sad! Soooooo your not weird!!!!!!

  7. Purgatory : But I’ll have to go pick up the sick leave from this sucky branch! Ugh!

    Sou : Hehehe brokeness is fun sometimes yet not fun at all and I’m glad I’m not alone then in regards to stress shopping!

    chikapappi : It does and I tried didn’t work LOL!

    Laialy_q8 : I might look at them who knows, I just want some new shoes desperately!

    shopa : Yes it totally is!

    Chirp : Good I’m glad about that!

  8. I can’t blame you for wanting to shop! Who doesn’t like shopping, I know I enjoy a piece of electronics every once in a while. I would prefer getting lost in a bookstore, I know I love the Borders in Dubai. I get lost in there for hours without any issues!

  9. Marzouq : Hehehe my stress relievers are shoes, clothes, books, and definitely electronics! Otherwise nothing else is worth it LOL! :P