You Can Hate Yourself

November 21, 2007  |  My Life

Did you know that sometimes with all the pressure and all the stress you put yourself through you start to hate yourself, you hate the mere existance of your life.  Why?  Simply because it’s just getting too hectic.  That’s where I am at right now.

I am hating how I have become, look at the old Jacqui and this one, I used to be so flaky and fun, and lazy (I still am but to an extent) I also used to write about other stuff than lousy work but I just can’t.  I mean work has become a 12 hour thing for me day in and day out! It’s getting to be crazy! Whoever said Retail was a beautiful field to pursue must’ve been highly stoned because it totally isn’t! It’s hectic and tiring, you deal with idiot big babies who think they rule the world, you might have one perfect child but then the rest are either idiots or idiots! You have to always be protecting your back whether it’s from the staff or  the customers themselves.  Always always protect yourself.

I want a whole day of sleep! I need it, Friday might be that day! I hope so! I just don’t want anything to ruin my weekend, now I have to go sleep because I am utterly and beyond the point of pure exhaustion!

But I love my Sony Ericsson W910i!  Thanks Mansour for helping me figure out a few things!

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I am a Kuwaiti Apple and gadget girl freak, who gets bored of her blog layouts so much that I change them like I crazy. Currently I work in a newspaper and if you don't see me around I'm being sucked into my job reviewing TV Shows and APPS! This is my space where I vent and release everything, welcome to it.


  1. errrmm.. again.. quit :)

  2. The reason is some people’s lives revolve around work, it is all they do, unlike US ahem.. those of us who give a damn about life and want to actually experience it! We aren’t given the chance in this or the financial sector

  3. see I always had this idea that even if you worked long hours once you got home you wouldn’t think about work, therefore, you can dedicate your time to other things unlike school where once your done u still have to do work at home (i.e. homework) do they pay you overtime?

  4. baby quit itha its that bad! shili 7adich, or start a job hunt discreetly and when the kick ass job comes ur way take it, dnt trap urself at that bank itha its bringing u down to that extent

  5. jacqui! we need to all go out soon! I will help you get things off your mind men dawamek el ba6eekh!

  6. Indeed. I have noticed the trend of your posts has changed quite significantly since you started your job. I guess the occasional posts about your “recent purchases” keep you sane for now and then.

    I’m still waiting for your iPod Touch btw :smile:

  7. any time dear :)

  8. so true Jacqui…i’ve been nearly 2 years in khallas i don’t feel anything maybe coz i’ve become so workaholic to an extent that truly i dont have a personal life… is taking me away from everything!

  9. abdvllah : Will do so once I’ve got something else lined up :)

    N. : True true!

    Laialy_q8 : Not really, we are underpaid in certain areas yet we are decently paid in our basic salaries. That’s their way of making up for their shittiness! But I always try to not bring work home!

    princess : I know that’s one of the things that is going on in my mind, I’m quitting once I get a chance to, other than that I have already placed a plan that I stay there for a maximum of 2 years, in a few weeks I’ll complete year 1 so who knows what’ll happen in year 2.

    chikapappi : Hehehe nothing can take away work altogether!

    Angelo : I know I noticed it as well hehe but hopefully I’ll get the old me back again. And in regards to the Touch review I know I want to write it but sadly enough I haven’t had the time yet to do so!

    Mansour : Yaay!

    MAZE : And you become cruel to people because you see many liars khalas everyone starts to become the same, you no longer say “Ohhh Poor You” you say “Oh stop yanking my chain you miserable filthy liar!” Hehehe Oh well!

  10. Slow it down a bit, and take a sick day. You will relax a bit and then go to work. Tell them you have something personal to do and you need to take the time off.

    I hope you slept in!

  11. Jacqui

    good luck and hope it works out for you :)

  12. Marzouq : I tried my Uncle in Law teased me out of bed, called me up and told me there was shrimp for lunch at grandma’s and I told him 30 mins and I’ll be over, sadly enough there wasn’t any shrimps and so I was dragged out without shrimps! :(

    abdvllah : Thanks dear :)