Why Can’t We Get More Sleep Hours?

November 25, 2007  |  My Life

Seriously why can’t we get more sleep hours?  Especially in winter time, I just want more and more time to sleep!


It was a nice weekend, yet I still would prefer to not have two shifts everyday, hence the dilemma of over-working syndrome.   Ugh I have to go get dressed so I won’t be late!

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  1. because if you slept more that means there would be less of you for others to enjoy :p
    eshrayech finii hahaha i should’ve wrote my masters project about that although i am not sure how technology would fit into it :p

  2. lol, I only had 3 hours of sleep. I know I’m going to pass out at work, the question is only when! That bed looks so comfy!

  3. I was thinking the same when I woke up :???:

  4. I agree we need to start two hours later since its winter , just like middle school. grr

  5. Oh that picture is very nice, I love white bedding lol!!!

  6. alah ekoon ib 3oonich, this thing really does get tiring! You need the vacation on 7amdilla 3eed is only two weeks away!

  7. Jacqui,
    I have one extra chair for that shuttle going to Mars ;p
    You could start your own bank there ;p

    Sure sleeping is wonderful, but don’t forget that a normal person sleeps 1/3 of his life. That’s 23 years if your lifespan (allah e6awel eb a3markom) is 70 years.

  8. Laialy_q8 : No no no no I don’t care I want more sleep!

    N. : I know it was such a cruel joke this morning when I was searching for an image of sleep!

    chikapappi : LOL Who doesn’t think that way!

    Blue Dress : Let’s just hibernate it’s more fun!

    :::Shayouma::: : I love puffy bedding its more fun!

    Marzouq : YAAAAAY Eid is only 2 weeks away! And my Vacation is only a month and 2-3 weeks away woooohooo!

    abdvllah : No I will start a sleeping school “The Art of Sleep” oohhh I should write a book or “The Art of Procrastination” or “The Art of Nothing!” Those are such great book ideas! (Shotgun!) they’re mine no one dares and steals them! Hehehe and well I don’t care, I can sleep all my life away for all I care! Hehehehe!

  9. Jojo..did anyone called you from stat ipsos asking about the banks shifts and what u prefer?

  10. MAZE : Nope none, but we had a survey circulating the bank in regards to the working hours. :s

  11. its the noises around us that the human ear cant hear which makes you not sleep well ..
    isnt it different when you sleep in a mokhayam or a chalet .??
    hence the quite atmosphere gives the body more rest ..

  12. hamad : I have never tried the mokhayam or chalet but yeah a quieter atmosphere would be a better way to sleep hehehe. Oh well!

  13. I’m already sleepy! After reading the post i think that i’ll go to bed directly!