I’m Twenty Four Now

December 4, 2007  |  Birthday

If I didn’t post this, I know people will flood the other posts hehe so here goes, I’m wishing myself a Happy 24th Birthday along with Q since I know we share the same date or he’s before me or something like that.  Someone else has their birthday today too.  I am ancient now, so I leave you with a picture of when I was in my golden years.  Yes I used to be gold, no really, I’m gold.


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I am a Kuwaiti Apple and gadget girl freak, who gets bored of her blog layouts so much that I change them like I crazy. Currently I work in a newspaper and if you don't see me around I'm being sucked into my job reviewing TV Shows and APPS! This is my space where I vent and release everything, welcome to it.


  1. Its happy birthday this time i guess!

  2. When you said gold you reminded me of Austin Powers Gold Member lol,
    Happy 24th Birthday, may you have many more healthy years come ^_^


    I hope everything you wish for comes true!

    That picture of you is adorable btw!!!

    Love you, love you, love youu!


  4. Happy Happy Birthday and many more to come inshallaaaa :)

  5. weeechalleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem :razz:

    HapPpY BiRthDaY sissy w enshALLAH all ur dreams come trueeee


  6. old is gold
    24yX12m= 288 m
    288mX30d=8640 d
    8640dX24h=207360 h
    This is your age
    you fossil
    happy 12441600

  7. happy birthday J!

  8. Happy birthday, lech 6olat el3omr enshallah.

  9. Happy birthday dear ;*

  10. happy birthday
    happy happy
    24 candles
    24 lovely candles :)

  11. Happy B-day Jacqui :)
    Enjoy your day :cool:

  12. hahahaha awal marra I see that pic! cute ;p

    and Happy Birthday! (lel marra el million :p)

  13. HAPPY HAPPYY JOY JOY! :grin:
    Lol i noticed , some gold dust! ; p

    Enjoy it!

  14. Happy birthday!!!!!!!!

    Wish u all the very best this year and many more years to come :)

  15. happy birthday.. and trust me, 24 is nowhere close to ancient!!

  16. :) happy birthday! look around and u’ll find that kids born in 1986 look OLDER than us. i wish u eternal youth…spirit

  17. Happy birthday Jax, i cant believe its been more than 2 years since i read your blog for the first time. Wish you a GLAMOROUS/Blair-ish[without the drama] birthday =* hehe =p

  18. Happy birthday to you! :smile: May all your wishes come true inshallah.

  19. Habby pirthday.

  20. happy birthday ;P 3o’baal 573 sena w 9 ash.hir :mrgreen:

  21. Happy Birthday Cupcake ;**********

    love youuuuuuuuuuuuuu x 1000000000 billion million trillion!


  23. ADORABLE!!!! *kiss*
    Happy Birthday dear! Youa re not old, just a year older lol!

  24. gold is gold ..
    diamonds are diamonds ..
    but a treasure is a one piece unique art ..
    and i think your a treasure ..

  25. haaaapppy bithdaay jacqui !!
    wish u the best.. and hey this is the first ur with me as a collegue and a friend.. i hope all ur techi wishes come true.. ughh.. ur such a geek :P
    have fun now.. well its over but i hope u had fun yesterday :)

  26. happy belated birthday

  27. 24 is a bitch. enjioy it tho! happy birthday!

  28. Happy 24th! You only start feeling in trouble when you can’t expect to live double your age.

    You’re safe, for now :)

  29. happppy bday…loved some comments…:P

  30. Happy Birthday! Now thats a big baby! Get In Ma Belly!

  31. happy birthday honey…..
    you looked an amazing baby :)

  32. Dandoon, Hasan.B, Laialy_q8, Cat, Enigma, Moodless, Shopa, Ra-1, Chikapappi, Fonzy, Amjad, Purgatory, Mansour, Abdvllah, Rayboy, Shayoumma, Pearls, Maze, Bee, Thank you very very much for your kind wishes hehehe :)

    N. : Were you watching Austin Powers the other day too? :P Hehehe and thanks dear :)

    Sou : Thanks Sou.Girl! Hehehe I know it was taken shortly after I was born! Next year I’ll show the one where I was only several hours old LOL!

    davinci : So I am that old now? Should I get myself a wheelchair from now daddy? :P

    yourbattlefield : Thanks pumpkin! :*

    Swair : I had to keep some pictures hidden not everything should be shown am I right or am I right? And Thanks for the millionth time!

    Blue Dress : Hehehehe yeah it’s only because the picture is so old LOL!

    MSB : Oh but if only it wasn’t hehe I feel ancient!

    hammoodee : Thanks and I know hehe they look older than my mother even!

    Nonaw : Thanks Noooons hehe I know hehe it’s been a long time hasn’t it?! And Blair is just amazing LOL! I wish my party was like hers!

    ananyah : Love you more cupcake and thanks again hehe :)

    hamad : Awwwww that is unbelievably sweet thanks alot!

    abbas : Thanks alot Abs! It was fun seeing you the other day hehehe I had an idea that you were going to do something when you insisted you wanted to come over in the afternoon but thanks alot alot! Hehehe I wish you the best of luck in your future venture though ehehe I did have fun!

    Mrm : Why is it a Bitch? And thanks alot!

    Bojacob : I still am trying to understand it hehe but thanks :P

    Marzouq : I was tiny but I zoomed into that picture LOL! Hehehe hell I was as big as your hand! Thanks though!