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December 8, 2007  |  Birthday, My Life

This year has been really quiet on the celebrations front.  I had some nice ones, a small party that was organized by my branch, a surprise one where I turned 42 rather than 24.  And another party at Grandma’s this afternoon.  We were about to celebrate at home on the day of my birth but sadly enough I had a work obligation and therefore I couldn’t do that, the next day Daddy left and well afterwards we just didn’t get the chance to celebrate.  Presents-wise well not much has been given, I guess this year my wish list was quite short or so.  And I believe no gadgets were given, well if you don’t count the Touch, Nano, and Sony Ericsson that were given to me prior to the occasion of my birthday!

This year is the year where I have basically not accomplished much but have grown in spirit and mind, mostly, I hope.  It is the year where I actually was working and stayed committed to one thing although I complain about it a lot.  But wait, I believe I committed to many other things and this commitment issue isn’t really something new for me, oh well, moving on.  As many of you noticed, some of my childish urges and thoughts are disappearing and are being replaced by mature ones, others might realize that opposite thing happening.  I myself find that I am growing up but rather too quickly and in a very rushed manner.  You see, I am becoming a workaholic at work, at home I never work, I don’t bring work to my home so that doesn’t matter but I do other things at home that can be considered as work.  Workaholics tend to suck the life out of their existence and I think that pretty soon that will be what will happen to me, however in less than a month I will be vacationing for 40 long days and I guess in that time I can re-evaluate my work existence!  But enough babbling on about work, the family is great and I am still getting along great with mother, although she sometimes has her moments.  I love everyone in my life and well there always has to be someone or some people that I should hate but let’s not dampen the spirits here today.

So, with the snow falling down on your screens I think you want to see what cake I had for my birthday, granted it was nothing like my College celebrations (Girls the Devil/Angel Party I had back then was the high point of my life I really miss it! The cupcakes especially!) well this is one of the cakes, the one I had today which happened to be a Snickers cake, I am a snickers addict, so that worked out great for me, yaaaay! Enjoy!


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  1. “As many of you noticed, some of my childish urges and thoughts are disappearing and are being replaced by mature ones”

    Nope, you still stalk your uncles for phones.

  2. I agree with Purg!

    On another note its good you are getting that vacation! It is well needed!

  3. can you save me a piece…pretty please!!! 8 more days and i’m home, and i dont think cake can gooo bad :):):)

    chocolate, we dont have real chocolate here.enjoy love

  4. you obviously have no commitment when it comes to your themes :p

  5. Yum!!
    Happy birthday again!
    Off-topic: Can yoou tell me how do I add an avatar here?

  6. that cake loooks amazing! I want a piece :*

    happy birthday ya 3umrrrrrrrry I love youuuuu

  7. Even though I don’t eat cakes .. but urz looks yummy :razz:

    and I second layali .. No commitments to themes thingy yet :roll:

    Enjoy ur long 40 off days .. w happy birthday sissy *hug*

  8. Totally love the whole night sky – didn’t understand it was snow, thought it was like the Perseids, shooting stars or comets visiting out system. And amazing how now they are falling straight down and before they were blowing northeast to southwest. So dramatic and beautiful.

  9. im in love with the new template<3

  10. Purgatory : No I don’t hehe aslan I get them phones, this one uncle happened to want to repay me with a phone :P

    Marzouq : And no I don’t stalk them hehe but yeah I’m happy about the vacation as well!

    yourbattlefield : We’ll get another cake hehehe it’s not here it’s at grandma’s hehe and wow I just realized it that a week from today you’ll be home.

    Laialy_q8 : True true LOL!

    :::shayouma::: : Thanks hehe and I deleted the other comments, obviously you figured it out hehe it was cool wasn’t it? :)

    ananyah : Thanks pumpkin and yeah it was delicious!

    Cat : LOL! Thanks hehehe and well I don’t like to commit to themes much!

    Intlxpatr : It is absolutely fun just watching the snow and it piles up downwards I think I’m going to leave it open for a while and see if the page fills up!

    Nonaw : So am I LOL!

  11. the cakes looks delicious…yummmmy :smile:

  12. ooops i meant the cake…also ur blog template is gr8…i want to change mine too…any help??

  13. I would have thought you’d get a more special cake than that.

  14. Thanks Jaqui!! Abdvulla, Why are you are negative or going the other side?!!

  15. Maze : It sure was LOL! And yeah I know, want help for your template ? :P I suggest first getting a domain and moving to your own server, it’s been a year I guess :P Why not leave Blogger behind?

    abdvllah : How much more special?

    :::Shayouma::: : Hehehe no problemo :)