I’m Free!

December 17, 2007  |  Weekend


Yes!!!!! I’m freeeee! Finally no more dealing with whiny people, no more being their slaves, no more having to deal with work related stuff, whether its from management or even people themselves, I am soo soo excited to be getting this time off!

Now on the list is actually relaxing, starting tomorrow I’ll be sleeping in, doing what I want.  I have an evening planned with my sisters and Aunt where we’ll watch a movie at her place and have dinner.  That’s just the best thing I’ve done.

Afterwards Eid, of course family stuff.

Afterwards hopefully redesigning and painting our living room area!

In between more sleep, reading, designing sites, doing everything I have put on hold, basically having a life!

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  1. *booty shake* AM FREE TOO ! Woooooooooooooooooooot! Happy Eid :*

  2. Kelena freee

    Have fun :*

  3. have fun and get the lots of rest that you need and much deserve

  4. wooohoooooooooooooooooo :grin:

  5. Enjoy :smile:

  6. glad you’ll have fun, you need it :D

    im not on a break til friday but I still have to study over xmas/new year break *cries*

    oh well! only a few weeks left til I finish!

  7. Happy Eid
    and may your life be full of relaxing moments .!

  8. Yala enjoy your vacation! You deserve it! catch up with all the random stuff you want to do, I know that feeling!!

  9. Aaaah..I just love a wintery holiday..its so cozy and relaxing even though this year’s winter isn’t that cold..isma winter!

    3eedch mbarak! Wishing you the most relaxing holiday ^_____^

  10. chikapappi : Wooohoo Thanks!

    Cat : Yes yes yes we are! And you too!

    Laialy_q8 : Thanks dear!

    Maze : Yipppeeeee!

    jewaira : You too babes!

    ananyah : Hehehe I can feel your anticipation but yaaaay!

    hamad : Thanks and Happy Eid to you too :)

    Marzouq : I hope so too you should catch up as well LOL!

    Kaileena : Ayamich Sa3eeda and yeah I love wintery holidays although its tough to dress for it LOL!

  11. I hope they don’t take any time away from your holiday time! I know I’m taking full advantage of my vacation time!