It’s Bloody Cold

December 25, 2007  |  Deep Thoughts, My Life, Random

It’s so bloody cold here this morning I mean ugh I’m freezing my knickers off (did I just say knickers? oh well there is a first for everything right tehehehe) But yeah seriously I felt the urge to post just anything because I just wanted to do that!  Anyways very very short snippets.

  • I realized that I can have a conversation with myself when I am asleep, and sound normal not even remember it when I wake up.
  • I dreamt the most beautiful dream ever, the true wish of my heart coming true and me telling my friends that this time I’m actually going to be extra happy.  Let’s just this is one of my foretelling the future dreams that it actually will come true!
  • It’s 1 year exactly from that fateful day that I signed the contract with my company and now, well I hope in a few weeks they’ll remove that bloody darned “Trainee” word from my Title, and actually give me one!
  • It’s Christmas yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Merry Xmas everyone!
  • I just realized that there are 6 Days left of 2007 and 19 days until I am officially on holiday from work.  Wait remove those two days of the weekend and It’ll be 17 days wow! I can’t believe it hehe.
  • I love my Jack Bear more than anything, he keeps me snuggled up and warm in the evenings.
  • Now I’ve got to go and find something warm enough to wear to work, bah I hate the fact of taking off my clothes to wear new ones, hell it sucks to be cold in this weather!

Again Merry Xmas, Happy Hannukah, Merry Kwanza, and all that Jazz fellas!

P.S. Oh and my Asus EeePC will likely arrive today! Hehehe remember this one I’ll test it out, the one I’ll purchase for myself will be purchased in the States, might as well spoil myself silly! Yaaaay!

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  1. hehehehe its good to know that somethings havent changed.

    merry-xmas :)

  2. yeap it is freezing alright, my knickers are freezing too!!

    Merry X-mas to u too and in case i dont get the chance to… enjoy the holidays!! :)

    as for that trainee issue….. i think they overdid it.. 1 year is way too long unless u r doing some course or something. U know they sometimes do that cos once ur not a trainee they r forced to increase ur salary.

  3. enti am still upset from you since yesterday LOL! crazy, it’s mo bas freezing! I am going to dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. Merry Christmas Jayjay hahaha i like that nick name for ya I hope all your dreamzz come true ^_^ if not today … tomorrow hehehe or the day after

  5. We are having a white Christmas in Colorado…it’s so freaking cold.

    I also salute your openness to other holidays and actually congratulating other people for Christmas and etc. Some idiots we have in the blogsphere are spewing that we shouldn’t say that because it’s 7aram. 7ARAM MY ASS.

    I mean will God send me to hell because I’m celebrating religion with my other sisters and brothers of faith? Sure, we might have few differences but if we looked deep down, we will find many aspects that we actually share. I say…those religious nuts…are nuts!!

  6. Merry Christmas to you too. Today was THE LONGEST day at work! When we were being given branches to go to I kept on saying I wanted to go to yours but then they gave it to him I was so upset LOL.

    Its freezing in the morning! The worst thing is that it dries the skin …

    I actually like where we work :P hehehehe

  7. Merry Xmas o kel 3am wentay b5eer moqaddaman ;)

  8. merrry xmaaaaaaaas, its 4 degrees here :(

  9. I am not a winter girl @ all :)

    Merry x-mass :razz:

  10. no3ik : Thanks and what things hehe?

    Fonzy : Yeah they really over-did it this time but oh well let’s see when they’ll remove it. Let’s also see what’ll happen in the next year.

    chikapappi : I’m really dead now but oh well you understand.

    Laialy_q8 : Thanks and I wish so too… Hehehe JayJay is cool too!

    Angelo : I appreciate all religions and wish them whatever happiness they want I don’t really care about whether this person is Christian or a Jew but in the end we’re people, Mama once said she feels that some Christians and Jews are going to end up in Heaven because of the stuff they do are more and better than the Muslims (i.e. Oprah, Angelina Jolie, the guy who owns Marks & Spenser)

    Chirp : It was and yeah it does dry up our skin but oh well. At least you had a change of scenary.

    Midoe : Thanks and Wenta ib Se7a o Salama :)

    ananyah : Thanks hon hehe I’m going to feel that weather soon.

    Cat : Neither am I but I like it sometimes.

  11. It is getting colder these days and I hope you get out of that company and forget about the title! On another note I think that you should like Jack Bauer not Jack Baer… that is all!