Welcome to Dulles Airport

January 15, 2008  |  Travel Log 08

So right now I’m at Dulles Airport, Washington DC. It was quite a nice flight not that nice but decent enough. The main thing is that there was only one kid on the plane and he was so far away that I didn’t hear anything and wasn’t disturbed. I also sat on an aisle seat with the seat next to me empty so during the flight I shifted positions (sleeping positions that is, where I sleep you know). It was quiet. The Flight Entertainment could’ve been better. United Airlines is the people I chose to fly with, I think when I’m coming back I’m going Business because Daddy I just can’t help but want to spoil myself. It’s painful to sleep on those chairs. I slept mostly, I watched “Super Bad” and an episode of “Desperate Housewives” and “House” and that’s it. I tried to sleep most of the time. It was difficult. Now I feel as if I’m stuffed with air, and forming a semi-headache where my sinus issues kick in. My tush is falling asleep and I still have 5 hours until my next flight. Oh and 4 hours until MacWorld 2008.

Oh and I took off my shoes twice, once in Kuwait and once when I got here in DC. It sucks to do that I mean literally why! But the coolest thing was that the Non-Citizen line was shorter this time (I was there for support for the two little munchkins that were traveling with me!) I leave you now with a picture of my coat on my carry-on bag while I sit and abuse more internet time. Oh and I have to look for a wall plug for later. [Coat picture will come at a later date when the net supports me a little bit more]

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  1. :roll: I think when I’m coming back I’m going Business because Daddy :wink:

  2. Nxt time fly another carrier, United sucks.

  3. 7amdilla 3ala salamah.. and United has horrible service!

  4. i just flew into dulles this month three times (united) and never did i notice a bad service or any such thing. lucky me :) ..actually, it was kinda strange that there was a pilot sitting by me on one of the flights.
    7amdila 3asalama

  5. Say hello to DC and VA for me! I miss them alot!

  6. Yes 7amdillah 3al Salamah Jacqui. For me, I usually prefer Frontier Airline when I travel domestically. That reminds me, I need to watch Superbad on DVD. Gotta love that McLoven dude.

  7. How can you afford to fly business when we all know, you’re also buying this :grin:

  8. davinci : Why you laughing Papa ehehe I sure will come back on Business you just wait and see!

    Purgatory : I know but they came on that and I had to go back on the same carrier as they did!

    Marzouq : Allah esalmek and oh well!

    nq : It’s not the bad service it’s just that it’s not as comfortable as other airlines I guess. It depends on the planes I guess or something. But oh well!

    Angelo : The best part of the movie was McLovin and not the other two dudes hehe I don’t know why though! It just didn’t appear to be all it is!

  9. Stallion : Didn’t spent much time there hehehe sorry you were labeled as spam for some reason!

    MYK : Oh well we’ll see how things work out then hehe.

  10. where is the picture!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Laialy_q8 : Didn’t attach it yet :P