Missouri Madness

January 16, 2008  |  Travel Log 08

So I meant to post this earlier, but then I was too exhausted to do anything.  It’s just so tiring to travel for more than 24 hours.  The lay over in Washington DC was just too long hehe and the bus trip from St Louis to Columbia was even more crazy (especially with a full bladder lol!) The thing I love about Kuwait is that you have only 1 Airport there and you don’t have to drive 2 hours to another city just to get there, hell 2 hours is enough to circle the entire country!

So, I’m doing good.  I am jet lagged, but good.  I sleep on the couch I am literally a couch potato now, and I had to beg for a pillow yesterday.  I went out today and bought a Plush Pillow which is just simply amazing and I’m in love with it.  I had lunch at the Olive Garden, I missed you Daddy! Apart from that I am debating the purchase of a Macbook Air, and so far it’s 90% buy and 10% don’t buy but then again I need a new laptop hehe and I’ve got the cash to fork over who knows.

I am missing Kuwait for the events that are happening back there.  I just wish I could travel faster than on a plane.  Oh and TV here is amazing because I don’t have to wait hours for a download to finish I just watch it on TV.  I was watching Cashmere Mafia today and yesterday a new episode of One Tree Hill.  I just wish I could find the remote.  I don’t feel like walking those steps to the TV.  If I don’t find it I’ll be forced to buy a new TV hehe yes I am that lazy.  Anyways this is enough for this post.  I’ll put up some nice pictures then.

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  1. You don’t have to buy a new TV just go buy a universal remote. How about the idea? lol enjoy

  2. jaxie dnt think abt kuwait :* and yes go buy a new tv :p its the least u can do for taking over ur sisters couch

  3. A) You didn’t tell us what you ate, and Daddy needs to know what you had at whatever restaurant you go to.

    B) I would say it but I don’t want to embarrass you on your blog. Let’s just say it has to do with your new pillow, and America, and your old pillow, and Kuwait. :grin:


    D)Thank you for missing me. I miss you too. Cow.

  4. shopa : That could be nicer hehe actually and I could save the extra bucks for that new Macbook Air, thanks for the suggestion :P

    la reine : Hehehehe no I’ll get them a new computer coz theirs is ancient and killing me, making me have all those grey hairs and all! Hehehe I love you and miss you!

    Sister No. 4 : For you I will respond as I you wrote:
    A) I ate Chicken Alfredo and loved it, it was the first time they didn’t overly sauce the food. And I hate you you just made me hungry for lunch!
    B) Bite me!
    C) Because I wasn’t with you guys and they aren’t cool!
    D) And I don’t miss you I don’t think I mentioned you unless your name is Papa?! :P

  5. glad ur having a good time!

    miss you hoe!

  6. yala … that sounds like the old Jackie! Enjoy yourself! And if you get the Macbook Air, you gotta have something else, its too lightweight!

  7. *cries over Cashmere Mafia*

  8. ananyah : Miss you too and yeah I am enjoying my time!

    davinci : Your welcome Daddy!

    Marzouq : LOL You missed her ha hehe and its funny how you judge things by their weight :P

    Laialy_q8 : Na-na-bo-bo :P I get to watch it right when it airs :P