Friday the 18th

January 19, 2008  |  Travel Log 08

I woke up really exhausted and tired, my nose all blocked and congested, feeling dizzy and all that jazz. I actually woke up at 2am headed to the fridge since I saw Panadol Night there and grabbed some which helped knock me out until 10am. It was a tiring sleep but still nice nonetheless. Oh and I found the TV Remote so yaaay for me! I spent most of the day in feeling sick and tired but eventually we went out to have lunch and so my sisters can buy their books.

I had lunch/dinner at Ruby Tuesdays and I had the Parmesan Chicken Pasta which tasted nice, but not the same as Kuwait’s Ruby Tuesdays there is a big difference in the penne pasta and the sauces used. Then off we went to Walmart again grabbed some stuff for Fee’s presentation and so that was my day. I can’t help but keep thinking that I don’t want to shop for much instead just rest and relax. Even if it means resting in front of the Television. At least I’d be thought-free. So now I’ve got to fall asleep. I’ll see yah!

P.S.  Oh yeah and it snowed today, I actually felt the snow.  It’s cool!

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  1. what until you see the snow
    then you will be blown away

    this cold is nothing.
    this is a breeze.
    the real weather should start soon.
    i’m excited, you should be too. ;)

    love ya.
    my couch potatoe.

  2. :lol:
    have a nice day

  3. Hey it snowed today in Colorado too. The cars were slippery all around the place. BTW, what the hell are you doing watching TV all night. Go with the hype and watch Cloverfield.

  4. You are being a total lazy bum and thats a good thing! hahaha! Enjoy!

  5. LooL .. food, sleep, TV, food, sleep, TV … etc and the circle of life goes on

  6. your battlefield : Hahaha couch potato is the truth oh well.. I hope to see it soon!

    davinci : Thanks Daddy :P

    Angelo : I don’t like Cloverfield and TV is more fun hehe :P I love Comedy!

    Marzouq : That’s what vacation time is for!

    Laialy_q8 : Yes that is my circle of life!