Laziness Has a New Meaning

January 23, 2008  |  Travel Log 08

I have brought a new meaning to the word “lazy” because in these past two days I’ve been so lazy it’s crazy hehe.  Monday was spent in the apartment the whole day until the evening where we went to S’s place and had Chocolate Fudge Cake.  Lunch that day was left over Hardees, and dinner was a Pizza from I forgot the name of the place.  It snowed and I had a funny moment watching Fee walk back to the car in her heels, she was holding my hands fearing that she’d slip and fall and I was laughing crazily!

Tuesday (today) was a different day, I woke up early at around 9-ish but then got tired around 5pm and went back to sleep, my sisters had their first day of school and I had basically nothing to do.  I did some house work, yes shocking I did housework.  And fed myself  leftover Burger King from late night dinner, dinner tonight was Papa Johns “Garden Fresh” Pizza.  I am not feeling that well my head is killing me, my nose is constantly stuffed.  I just feel so congested and I hate blowing out my nose (yes too much info).  Anyways I’m watching HGTV before I sleep.  So adieu.

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  1. *hugs* rest and be lazy as you want

  2. maybe its all the junk food thats making u ill :P

    gnite :*

  3. tylanol cold is a good idea … get it at the walmart :P

  4. you guys eat way too much junk food!

  5. ok.. I think you are going to become junk food! Learn to cook! Italian! Anything! Damn! Variety at least! looool!

    At least your enjoying yourself!

  6. It’s good to be lazy but you better fix something at home for you to eat..

  7. chikapappi : Thanks I sure will hehe.

    ananyah : No it’s not that hehe :P

    Laialy_q8 : Got that didn’t make much of a difference hehe.

    shopa : Hehehe yeah we sure do, or I do rather.

    Marzouq : See I had italian right after you said that then today I went back to junk food hehe. ;)

    :::ShoSho::: : I should shouldn’t I hehe :P Oh well soon I will.

  8. seriously!!!! that stuff works like a charm